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  1. FXBO

    Assistance Required Please

    Hello Jack, My error I did mean file and not folder, sorry about that. Many thanks for all your assistance and I shall be making the move over this weekend as I did a test move last weekend and all did not go to plan, hence coming to the forum and asking for help. I will update you Jack soon and again thanks for your help. Stephen Smith.
  2. FXBO

    Assistance Required Please

    Hello Jack, I think the CE version should move to new server without much bother, but "Phoenix" has these lines in the 2 conigure.php files. // If you are asked to provide configure.php details // please remove the data below before sharing const DB_SERVER = ''; If I change the IP address to 'localhost', that should work, do you agree Jack? Actually I can see .htacess if I have the hidden files settings checked. I will be using "Plesk" migration app, so do I need to change any DB files and if so, do you know where they are and many thanks for your assistance in this matter. Stephen Smith.
  3. Hello Members, I have had to change my hosting and I need to move 2 websites, one is the CE version and the other is Phoenix. However they both have IP addresses for the database and I need to know which files to change so all works fine? I was also told that I should add all the files from www into .htacess folder and I cannot believe you have to do that? I know one file to change is public_html >> Includes >> configure.php & now I have found the other file in public_html >> adminxxx >> Includes >> configure.php Actually that is for the "Phoenix" version and seems like the CE one needs no change is that true, as there are no IP addresses to change. Any help on these issues would be great and stay safe guys. Stephen Smith.