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  1. FXBO

    New Products Listing

    @Artcolnc, @MrPhil Many thanks for your words of wisdom. As you 2 men would know, I am not great with OSCommerce scripts, saying that, I did like the first versions, but like everything, things change. What is great, is this "Forum", so much talent and people that care. Time after time I have been on other forums, you can post, if you receive an reply is a different matter. Keep up the good work. Stephen Smith.
  2. FXBO

    New Products Listing

    @Artcolnc, I changed index_nested, should of put my glasses on Malcolm. You are the best my friend. Stephen Smith.
  3. FXBO

    New Products Listing

    @Artcolnc, Thanks Malcolm for a speedy reply, but have tried that already and fails, that is why I stated if there was another way my friend? Stephen Smith.
  4. FXBO

    New Products Listing

    Dear Members, I am sure this has to be a simple fix, but on my friends website, the "New Products For %", is only showing 6 and yes I have looked in "Admin" and seen 2 places I thought would change this, but nothing working? Any ideas please and they want 12 to show and they have many new products just in case anyone states about that. Many thanks for any advice and assistance. Stephen Smith.
  5. @Artcolnc, Thanks a lot Malcolm, I know exactly what you mean now, but will do this in a few days time, the rest is done and works fine. I am really pleased with all you have done and others. Take care Malcolm and all the best. Stephen Smith.
  6. @Artcolnc, Hi Malcolm, I see where you are coming from, but that will only make the text above the products come down to the footer, I need text above and below the "New Products For <Current Month>" Thanks a lot for your help thus far. Stephen Smith.
  7. @Artcolnc, Hi Malcolm, Not being rude, but you have to do all of that to just add text right under "New Products For <Current Month>" and before / just above the "footer"? Seems a lot, and as stated on the old version was easy, nothing easy about "Edge" it seems. If it has to be the way you say, then I will need help again as if you add text to this: /includes/languages/english/modules/content/index/cm_i_text_main..php which I need also, but adding too much pushes this: "New Products For <Current Month>" down too far and looks stupid. That is why I am just double checking what you say, as I do not think my friends will pay again, they make little money as it is already. Thanks Malcolm and others that have assisted me. Stephen Smith.
  8. @Artcolnc Yes I need to place some text under what you stated Malcolm "New Products For <Current Month>" I need to add some text that will show on the main index.php page please. Many thanks and all the best. Stephen Smith.
  9. @Artcolnc, @Jack_mcs Many thanks for your assistance, and all has been checked and will work on that, tomorrow, urgent work to sort out first. Malcolm, the website is Single Secure Layer SSL Protected and yes I did get the database fix, so thanks for asking. One thing I can sort out all the text, but they want some text and images under the products on the main page, so which file do I use as I tested this one: /includes/languages/english/modules/content/index/cm_i_text_main..php All works fine, but the text is above the products, which I need also, but as stated need text under the products also? @Jack_mcs Many thanks again to you, and about the security, will do all you advised tomorrow and I have the Pop-Up (Double) login already. The whole website is SSL and will add those modules also. Actually there was old ones of them, as I remember I had the old admin, very tight indeed. Many thanks to you both and any advise on the matter above would be great. Stephen Smith.
  10. Hi Members, I have to say I used the old version of OSCommerce V.2.2.Rca, or something like that name and yes it was old, not that secure, but really easy to make changes. Now I am using osC 2.3.4BS Edge, I am having problems. Anyway, can someone please tell me how to write in the "Information" in say "Shipping & Returns", and "T&C" etc? Plus I need to add text on the index.php / home page, but not working for some reason? Finally I need to make the whole website more secure, so what are the standard changes to do this as it seems a lot has changed since I used the old version. Many thanks for any assistance and all the best to you all. Stephen Smith.
  11. @MrPhil@burt Dear Sirs, I am sorry that I caused this Forum a few problems and I am glad you have put me straight. Thanks burt for clearing up my mess and I was not intentional of getting members of this Forum irritated and if I did, I am sorry. Saying that I am old school and agree with MrPhil's explanation of a certain post / reply back to me about shouting. Again many thanks for all assistance given and all the best to you all. Stephen Smith.
  12. @MrPhil @radhavallabh, I build websites from scratch and I only offered to help my friends with updating the look, of their old website. Now I will have to inform them, we can add manually, but they will have to do that, but again, why no one wants work is beyond me? Just for the record, when I build my own, they do not need a DB, that is why I was trying to get help from OSCommerce Forum. As they need a e-commerce script, but I think I may use one of the other popular brands and start over, but need to speak to the owners first. Also when you write in BOLD, that is shouting in my view @radhavallabh. I am not stupid, just wanted help? Anyway many thanks for your assistance. Stephen Smith.
  13. @Artcolnc I will do as you stated if required, but I do know some developers in India. @radhavallabh Just to clarify are you saying I have to upgrade to 2.3.4. and then use the upgrade to "Edge" for this to work? Many thanks to you all for your assistance and all the best. Stephen Smith.
  14. Dear Members, Many thanks for all your advise so far, but sadly I am getting nowhere fast. I never stated I was good with DB's. Now saying that I would like to address what MrPhil has written. First I do have a .sql back up and yes I created a database and username first before adding "Edge" in an "upgrade" folder. Naturally when I used "Edge" of course I wrote the same DB details, so all is fine on that part. I have to be honest I really could do with someone actually fixing this issue, but I am not 100% sure you can request paid assistance? You say about editing a .sql, but I am not that good, but if there is a update you know of which can do this, could you point me in the right direction. Saying that I would still rather someone do this for me now. Naturally I have had a good look at this new script, and the older versions where far easier to work with, this new "Edge", I am fairly sure I cannot even add boxes, as easy as I did in the past. MrPhil, no need to be nervous, as I am hosting with eUKHost and have my own VPS Linux server with them. I have tried what @radhavallabh said in her post, but did not work. Many thanks for your time and any advice given is always great. Stephen Smith.
  15. @radhavallabh I am very sorry, but now you have lost me, as you stated to use the 2.3.4 package and I did, but I still have "Edge" in a "upgrade" folder but the version you told me to use is in public_html of course. I did use the main DB, but just so I know I am sure I got it correct, can you go step by step what to do in phpmyadmin, as I added that script you showed me in SQL? Many thanks for any assistance given. Stephen Smith.