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  1. @MrPhil@burt Dear Sirs, I am sorry that I caused this Forum a few problems and I am glad you have put me straight. Thanks burt for clearing up my mess and I was not intentional of getting members of this Forum irritated and if I did, I am sorry. Saying that I am old school and agree with MrPhil's explanation of a certain post / reply back to me about shouting. Again many thanks for all assistance given and all the best to you all. Stephen Smith.
  2. @MrPhil @radhavallabh, I build websites from scratch and I only offered to help my friends with updating the look, of their old website. Now I will have to inform them, we can add manually, but they will have to do that, but again, why no one wants work is beyond me? Just for the record, when I build my own, they do not need a DB, that is why I was trying to get help from OSCommerce Forum. As they need a e-commerce script, but I think I may use one of the other popular brands and start over, but need to speak to the owners first. Also when you write in BOLD, that is shouting in my view @radhavallabh. I am not stupid, just wanted help? Anyway many thanks for your assistance. Stephen Smith.
  3. @Artcolnc I will do as you stated if required, but I do know some developers in India. @radhavallabh Just to clarify are you saying I have to upgrade to 2.3.4. and then use the upgrade to "Edge" for this to work? Many thanks to you all for your assistance and all the best. Stephen Smith.
  4. Dear Members, Many thanks for all your advise so far, but sadly I am getting nowhere fast. I never stated I was good with DB's. Now saying that I would like to address what MrPhil has written. First I do have a .sql back up and yes I created a database and username first before adding "Edge" in an "upgrade" folder. Naturally when I used "Edge" of course I wrote the same DB details, so all is fine on that part. I have to be honest I really could do with someone actually fixing this issue, but I am not 100% sure you can request paid assistance? You say about editing a .sql, but I am not that good, but if there is a update you know of which can do this, could you point me in the right direction. Saying that I would still rather someone do this for me now. Naturally I have had a good look at this new script, and the older versions where far easier to work with, this new "Edge", I am fairly sure I cannot even add boxes, as easy as I did in the past. MrPhil, no need to be nervous, as I am hosting with eUKHost and have my own VPS Linux server with them. I have tried what @radhavallabh said in her post, but did not work. Many thanks for your time and any advice given is always great. Stephen Smith.
  5. @radhavallabh I am very sorry, but now you have lost me, as you stated to use the 2.3.4 package and I did, but I still have "Edge" in a "upgrade" folder but the version you told me to use is in public_html of course. I did use the main DB, but just so I know I am sure I got it correct, can you go step by step what to do in phpmyadmin, as I added that script you showed me in SQL? Many thanks for any assistance given. Stephen Smith.
  6. @radhavallabh I have done what you stated and now I have this error message, plus Edge is a better script or will that be updated? SQL query: /* categories */ delete from configuration where configuration_key = 'SHOW_COUNTS' MySQL said: #1046 - No database selected Any assistance would be great. Plus of course a DB was selected to run what you gave me? Stephen Smith.
  7. @Artcolnc No the old website is not live, only the updated version here: https://www.jdmodels.co.uk/upgrade/index.php I just cannot get the backup DB to work on this upgrade, when I add it, knocks the whole website out? I am using a VPS so I have access to any error log files. Actually I have had a quick look and I knew where the old error files where, but where are they in "Edge"? I am sure the old DB will not work on the newer version, and either I need a developer, who I cannot get any answers back from, meaning those 2 companies on the "Partner" page, so may as well take them off, or would have to add manually, but I do not want to go down that road for sure. Many thanks for any advice given. Stephen Smith.
  8. @Artcolnc Many thanks for a speedy reply. Yes I did make full backups, one of the main website and one for the DB. I cannot use the main backup, and anyway it is in "File Manager" as the new website is in a folder called "upgrade". The old version was the osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a and the new is what was suggested in that link above. Called "Edge" I am sure? The old version was running on PHP 5.2.9 and now is running on PHP 7.0. I am using a "live hosted server". Any help would me great, and thanks @Artcolnc Stephen Smith.
  9. Dear OSCommerce Forum Members, I know some of you will hate me asking this, but I am a website designer, but not a developer and I am hosting a friends website and have done what Jack_mcs stated here: My problem is, their database is not working and all I have right now is the basic shop scripts DB? I just do not know how to get the DB of theirs to be able to get read, so that their website shows all their products, customers etc. By the way I contacted both companies on your "Partners" page and neither got back to me, not good? Many thanks for any advice given and all the best to you all. Stephen Smith.