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    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    I am having the same problem! I need to go live...people are streaming in and 2 people have attempted to place orders but I am not sure if this is working because I am having the same exact problem as above. Also, my ORDERS screen looks very different from the install document screen shot. I hope someone can answer this soon!
  2. ecopeia

    Browse by Categories

    no, no...I siad easy way..unless there is already a way to do this? What I want to do is call all the sub-category links to the front page boxes. So like I have Electronics>Audio & Video>Car Audio. Is there an easy way for me to have the front page module call the link to Car Audio instead of Audio & Video? If I have to, I can copy the module and rename it and change the code to call the 3rd level categories to the front.. I'm thinking that maybe it would be easier for me to re-think my category scheme. I just figure it doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks again for your help!
  3. ecopeia

    Browse by Categories

    Hey straider...I've managed to rig your contrib to look exactly as I inteded it to look! Thank you so much for the awesome contrib. I just have one quick question...is there an easy way to call sub categories to the module on the default page?
  4. Ok, I've followed the instructions for adding a new field (btw, I've added several fields successfully in the past...) but I think because we're dealing with categories ?? that I have to add data different from what is in the instructions for adding fields... I beg you...please, could you post the code to add in and where to put it? It think its only in like 4 or 5 places? Something like "After this: blah blah" "Add this: blah blah". This would help me tremendously. OR...could you post your easypopulate.php file (or email it to me) so I can find the changes myself and add it? thanks a bunch for all your work!
  5. Hey, Do I have to add 2 new fields to easypopulate.php? for both other_category and other_category2? It looks obvious, but I don't want to muck anything up. Thanks!
  6. ecopeia

    Browse by Categories

    Thanks for the reply! I am going to get started now installing your contrib. And thanks for your comment on my site! Its my first critique so it's very reassuring!
  7. ecopeia

    Browse by Categories

    Ok, Straider, it's me again. I don't know if this is still the active thread but I have another question. If you've already answered this, I apologize!! Does this contribution work for 2nd level category pages? All my products are located at least 3rd level deep, and I'd like to have this contribution push my sub-sub cats up a page by displaying the deeper 3rd level on the 2nd level page. Am I making sense? I'm half crazy so I apologize if I am being incoherent. LOL. Here is my website. If you remember me, then you can see I stayed with the image maps on the front, so instead I want to show the sub-subs using browse by category. I know where the code would be placed to appear this way, I just don't know if the current code will work if I just plug it in where the category pages get called. If this is way too complicated, thank you for your support and efforts anyway. I know things are always easier said than done.
  8. I haven't even tried yet...but when mibble jumped in, I figured he must have at least given it a cursury glance before asking you to post it into the main thread :) I will be trying it out tonight. I had to get something else working in my easypopulate.php before I could try your code out. It does work well for you eh?
  9. When I tried to use easy populate with s/m/l and ezier new fields contribs I used the contrib for adding new fields...but kept running into problems. I don't know, maybe that contrib needs to be updated or something because what actually happened when I followed the instruction is that my retail_price field was mucking up the data after it. I don't know exactly how I fixed it but I did. I read somewhere that the order of the fields in easypopulate.php played a major role so I moved a few things and now it works like a charm. I don't kow if anybody needs this or not but if somebody thinks I should wrap it up and contribute it or post the code here, please let me know. I hate to clutter up contrib pages and I don't want to post a whole file here unless someone asks.
  10. I agree. I think this needs to be bundled up and added to the EP contrib page.
  11. I will give it a go and let you know how it works out. I will let you know. In the meantime, thanks a bunch!
  12. What exactly will this do? Will it link the products? Please god I hope this is true...I need this.
  13. OOO you're an angel! I've been trying to find a contribution such as this for a while. I saw this one but never really understood what the difference was between column and rows so thought it wouldn't be what I wanted. Thank you!!! Also, your contribution rocks!
  14. ecopeia

    Browse by Categories

    Thank you for your response..I totally understand how you can get swamped. Here is my site Please note that it is NOT LIVE - yet. :) I have managed to jury-rig a solution for myself using image maps..but I reeeally want to use the contribution instead. So, I'll keep my eye on your contrib and hope that in the future someone may decide to take up my cause. Thanks again!
  15. Ok, I've made the changes 3 different times, and still the only change I can see on my pages is that I now have the drop down and the next and previous buttons. Is this all I am supposed to see? Also, in IE, I see a border around the results, which is fine...but in Netscape/MozThunderbird I don't see the border..which is how I set it up in css. Am I overlooking something?
  16. ecopeia

    Browse by Categories

    I love this contribution...my only problem is that I currently have huge category images to replace the category heading text. So instead of heading_text and category image, I have what looks like heading text and a banner under it..although it is only a single image. Is there a way to add a second category image that can be used exclusively for this contribution? I have no clue about mySQL but my thought is that maybe it could be possible to assign a second category image and then query that image to the box? Can someone help me please??
  17. I've started this for people who use THIS contrib. Please see THE CONTRIBUTION ANNOUNCEMENT for more details.