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  1. frankl

    Updated Braintree App

    # Braintree App for osCommerce Online Merchant v3.x ## Changelog **v3.000 01-Aug-2021** * Remove all TABLE_ FILENAME_ references and hardcode tables and filenames * Replace $HTTP_GET_VARS and $HTTP_POST_VARS with $_GET and $_POST * Update classes to be compatible with PHP 7.3.0 * Update Braintree PHP Client to v6.3.0. * Update SSL test to go to https://www.howsmyssl.com/a/check * Checking for updates now goes to my website rather than the osCommerce website Now in the apps section
  2. frankl

    Updated Braintree App

    Not using osC any more so not really. Sorry.
  3. I would like to implement a Load More button and Lazy Loading to replace pagination on the product listings. According to this article it is much more convenient for mobile users (a growing user base not just for e-commerce but for the web in general) when they are going through a list of products so I'd like to give it a try and do an A/B test. What it involves is displaying the first 12 (or whatever number, can be 12, 20, 50, 100) products onto the page, then using a Load More button which queries an ajax file to grab the next x number of products, and then to save on bandwith only loading images as the user scrolls via lazy loading. My problem is, how to get the same identical $listing_sql variable into both the product_listing.php module AND the ajax file. Any suggestions?
  4. frankl

    Installation osCommerce v4 Beta 2 - No Admin Page

    Lorraine check to see if the .htaccess file was written properly. Mine was written to all one line.
  5. frankl

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Great! I've just sent a PM about an app
  6. frankl

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    So in the next day or two?
  7. frankl

    osCommerce Wiki

    Nice! No Braintree module though?
  8. frankl

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Great! Looking forward to it 馃憤
  9. frankl

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    3-4 weeks away as of 10th of June - 9 weeks ago. Delays happen, and are sometimes out of an organisation's control. What is not out of an organisation's control is communication. Harald wasn't good at it, you guys should have improved things on that front. It's better to communicate and receive some feedback (even negative feedback which can be highly constructive) rather than not communicate at all. Please let us know what's going on. Don't take us for granted. Otherwise when requests such as number three above are put out they will merely be met with apathy.
  10. Are you trying to use this for zencart? This is the osCommerce forum.
  11. Based on EzSocial v1.01 add-on for OsCommerce 2.3 Written by Christopher Trigg. Easy and friendly way to add social logins to your site. Uses PHP for backend work to login and CSS to display buttons Consists of: Base module which installs a social login box on your login.php page; and Sub-modules for each social login provider. No core files overwritten, just upload then follow installation instructions. Requires you to create an app for each provider you require (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) - instructions are included. You can also add other providers such as Twitter, Instagram, Github, Microsoft, Yahoo etc with minimal effort (some technical knowledge required) All feedback, problems, suggestions welcome Find it here https://apps.oscommerce.com/vVTNW&ezsocial-for-osc2-3-4bs-v1-0a
  12. https://apps.oscommerce.com/m2hDP&rma-returns-system-for-osc2-3-4bs Full product returns system for osCommerce. Features 路 No core file changes needed, just upload to your store. 路 One click install. 路 Works with PHP 7.1 and Edge 路 Create returns from admin, or allow customers to create their own, or both. 路 You choose which order statuses orders must be at for customers to return items. 路 You choose how many days after ordering customers can return items from an order. 路 Includes issuing of discount coupons direct from the returns admin page*. 路 Includes Paypal refunds direct from the returns admin page**. Partial refunds OK. 路 If you require serial numbers to be entered this can be turned on in admin. You can also make serial numbers optional or compulsory. 路 Return items to inventory if you desire, just tick a box on the returns admin page. 路 Set a default restocking fee, and inform the customer when they fill in the return request. 路 Terms and conditions can be shown to customers before they fill in a return request, if so they must agree to continue. They can also have the terms and conditions emailed to their email address. 路 One click comments when updating orders. 路 Unlimited number of return reasons. 路 Unlimited number of refund methods. 路 Only logged in customers can create a return request. 路 Search for RMAs in admin by RMA Number, customer name, or order id 路 Will not create duplicate RMA request numbers.
  13. frankl

    RMA Returns System for osC2.3.4BS

    I don't know, sorry. Perhaps try and see?
  14. frankl

    RMA Returns System for osC2.3.4BS

    Everything good. Business has been huge the past 12 months so I haven't had time to play with osC. Hope you are well.
  15. frankl

    RMA Returns System for osC2.3.4BS

    Hey Lee, I'm in the middle of wrangling a Magento 2 site we inherited over to osC so I won't be doing anything like that for a while. I haven't even had time to download Phoenix yet, way too busy. Sorry.
  16. frankl

    Lazy Load Images

    Lazy load images to conserve bandwidth and make site faster for mobile, tablet, and desktop users. Just upload (won't overwrite any core files) and turn on header tag. Tested on 2.3.4BS but should work with previous versions. Any problems please post here. https://apps.oscommerce.com/X86EM&lazy-load-images
  17. frankl

    RMA Returns System for osC2.3.4BS

    That would be cool, thanks!
  18. @kumarpragmatic You would better invest your time in upgrading to the Community Edition of osCommerce and then installing the EZSocial addon osCommerce responsive is the best version of osCommerce. Download it here: https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce EZSocial: https://apps.oscommerce.com/vVTNW&ezsocial-for-osc2-3-4bs-v1-0a EZSocial thread:
  19. frankl

    iDeal via ideal-checkout

    @azpro Mijn ouders zijn Nederlands, ze emigreerden hier in 1959. Daarom is mijn Nederlands slecht 馃榾
  20. frankl

    iDeal via ideal-checkout

    De plugin is van Juli, dus zal wel goed zijn. Heb je het geprobeerd? Als het niet werkt kan je het gewoon verwijderen.
  21. frankl

    Ezsocial for osC2.3.4BS v1.0a

    When I have time I can look at it, but time is at a premium these days so it might be a while.
  22. frankl

    Orders/Customers XML Export

    @LeeFoster Which ERP system are you using? I wrote an API to grab info out of osC
  23. frankl

    Ezsocial for osC2.3.4BS v1.0a

    These are the settings I have. which works fine. My OAuth Redirect URI is https, not sure if that's relevant. Alternatively, are you trying to collect any of the following: user_link user_gender user_age_range user_friends as these are no longer allowed to be accessed without an App review.
  24. frankl

    Ezsocial for osC2.3.4BS v1.0a

    No is the correct setting for Require App Secret For category I put Business and Pages.