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  1. Very interesting, but what would you use it for in osC?
  2. I don't know about #1 but I use to optimise images using a script. I'm going to release it as an addon one day maybe. You can test it if you want. Kraken does require a subscription though, $5 a month, but it's worth it.
  3. I remember proposing this idea last year, and you've executed it beautifully Rainer. Something like this should be core in an ecommerce store, not an addon.
  4. @cinolas Try moving the semicolon to the end of the echo statement, like this: var sizebias = <?php echo $size_bias; ?>
  5. @kirk223 Hi Kirk, sounds like a php error in the module. Check your php error log.
  6. @thumb Anyone reading your original post could be led to believe that osCommerce was definitely at fault for causing your site to be hacked. You've subsequently admitted you had another software package, a forum, on your site. You've now admitted you have no idea how the hackers got in and through what means. I think we'll have to consider this a beat up. Come back to us if you find out osC has any vulnerabilities. Until then, it's reckless speculation.
  7. @clustersolutions I get you. This is for 2.4, there is no template feature in 2.3.4. When we update to 2.4 I imagine we would move our user.css and custom.css files into the 'Sail' folder, or alternatively create our own template and then turn off Sail and turn on our own. Although I'm not sure, 2.4 hasn't been finalized yet and there's a long way to go!
  8. @LeeFoster Odoo Community Version is free. I've used it before, it's great.
  9. @clustersolutions Sorry Tim, which particular feature are you talking about?
  10. Do you have a backup of your site? As you have been designing websites since 1987 I imagine it must be a standard part of your workflow. If you do, go to your most recent backup after the last update you made to the osC software and look at the file catalog/includes/version.php, it will show you which version you are on.
  11. Dank je wel @wHiTeHaT, I've been reading that thread with interest.
  12. Sounds confusing. Does that mean the base code architecture needs to be changed?
  13. PHP

    All the changes are listed here
  14. Make sure you haven't cached the page first, use another browser in incognito mode to be sure. To be absolutely sure there are no .htaccess directives affecting access to admin, upload a .php file to the folder with a bit of simple html in it and see if you can navigate to that. If you can see that file then the problem is somewhere in your admin folder. If your html_output.php file was corrupted there's a good chance other files were too. Rename your existing admin folder to admin-backup then upload admin anew and see if that works.
  15. Shipping costs must be made clear to customers as soon as possible in the funnel. Some sites want you to register before they will give you a shipping quote, I always abandon my cart at those stores. Unfortunately this is the default behaviour for osC, however the modular shopping cart with shipping estimator goes a long way to fixing that deficiency. The study shows one powerful statistic - 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores - so if possible shopowners need to use that as a tool to convince shoppers to buy from them.