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  1. @Demitry MS2.2 should not be used for any ecommerce store. It is out of date and insecure, far too dangerous. Instead of trying to plug holes in an ancient version of osCommerce (release date 2008, over 9 years ago!) you should install the latest up to date community version 2.3.4 Edge. It is modern, responsive, modular, and secure. Do yourself (and your vulnerable customers) a favour:
  2. Hi @Gergely my 2.4 install isn't working that well at the moment but when I have time to reinstall I'll test for you.
  3. Mine was redirected fine.
  4. The mc_encrypt and mc_decrypt functions are in the ezsocial folder and use openssl_encrypt and openssl_decrypt
  5. @jabjab2 I'm using USU5 without any problems on osC2.3.4BS and PHP 7.1.6.
  6. For anyone wanting to use USU5 on Edge (and only use mysql to store the cache), these are instructions for installing it after downloading the app from here It works fine with PHP7 by the way. installation_v2.3.4BS.htm
  7. You should ask for your money back. But seriously, it's one line of code that you can change yourself. Or use the community version. How hard is it?
  8. I imagine the Australian Government will start blocking sites, as they've blocked PirateBay, if they don't comply. Note that "Member states in the European Union use this model for sales within the European Union, Canada uses it for magazine subscriptions, and Switzerland’s vendor collection scheme will commence in 2018." This isn't going to go away. Governments hate their tax money leaking
  9. @MrPhil Overseas companies with an annual turnover more than AUD$75,000 have to register with the Australian government and collect 10% Goods and Services Tax (VAT) for online orders sent to Australia. Probably unenforceable, but still...
  10. @imusorka Instructions for what @discxpress suggested: In phpMyAdmin (if you have it) choose the products_to_categories table, then select structure. Tick both columns and then click Index.
  11. Great :)
  12. @rudolfl I started something, but never finished it
  13. Untested, but in checkout payment after if (!tep_session_is_registered('comments')) tep_session_register('comments'); if (isset($_POST['comments']) && tep_not_null($_POST['comments'])) { $comments = tep_db_prepare_input($_POST['comments']); } add if (!tep_session_is_registered('nif')) tep_session_register('nif'); if (isset($_POST['nif']) && tep_not_null($_POST['nif'])) { $nif = tep_db_prepare_input($_POST['nif']); } in includes/classes/order.php, change function cart() { global $HTTP_POST_VARS, $customer_id, $sendto, $billto, $cart, $languages_id, $currency, $currencies, $shipping, $payment, $comments, $customer_default_address_id; to function cart() { global $_POST, $customer_id, $sendto, $billto, $cart, $languages_id, $currency, $currencies, $shipping, $payment, $comments, $customer_default_address_id, $nif; change $this->info = array('order_status' => DEFAULT_ORDERS_STATUS_ID, 'currency' => $currency, 'currency_value' => $currencies->currencies[$currency]['value'], 'payment_method' => $payment, 'cc_type' => '', 'cc_owner' => '', 'cc_number' => '', 'cc_expires' => '', 'shipping_method' => $shipping['title'], 'shipping_cost' => $shipping['cost'], 'subtotal' => 0, 'tax' => 0, 'tax_groups' => array(), 'comments' => (tep_session_is_registered('comments') && !empty($comments) ? $comments : '')); to $this->info = array('order_status' => DEFAULT_ORDERS_STATUS_ID, 'currency' => $currency, 'currency_value' => $currencies->currencies[$currency]['value'], 'payment_method' => $payment, 'cc_type' => '', 'cc_owner' => '', 'cc_number' => '', 'cc_expires' => '', 'shipping_method' => $shipping['title'], 'shipping_cost' => $shipping['cost'], 'subtotal' => 0, 'tax' => 0, 'tax_groups' => array(), 'comments' => (tep_session_is_registered('comments') && !empty($comments) ? $comments : ''), 'nif' => $nif);
  14. @Richard 10100 If you already have a domain and web hosting it may be easier to use a test directory on there for your new osCommerce installation.