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  1. Addon installer concept

    @piernas You touched on this a little, but the sad thing is that 2.4 makes addons ultra easy to install and uninstall. It almost makes me cry to see the wasted opportunity there.
  2. Absolutely need an inbuilt system where you upload 1 large image, which is then auto saved in 5 (or whatever) different sizes
  3. One thing that stands out: admin needs a major overhaul. Something to think about.
  4. I think it would make a great app, but it doesn't need to be added to core. I would look at doing it but far too busy at work unfortunately. Perhaps someone else will take it on, it seems fairly easy.
  5. 28d, 2018

    Would it be better if the final address (once the others have been deleted) doesn't have the 'X"? Just thinking about the user experience.
  6. This is an invitation to shopowners to be part of the osCommerce Shopowners Club. It's easy to join, all you need is an osCommerce store and a passion to succeed. The purpose of the club is to communicate to the osCommerce team and osCommerce app developers the needs of a modern, easy to run online store. We are the conduit between the real life, daily running of stores and those that can make those stores run more efficiently and more profitably. The osCommerce team and app developers need to hear from you, the shopowner, as to how they can make osCommerce run better. It us, and our customers, who interact with the software every day and that makes us well qualified to spot opportunities to improve and expand the software. There are two threads: Core and Apps. If you have suggestions and ideas, make them known. Let's help make osCommerce the best free open source ecommerce software out there! [note added by: Team member wHiTeHaT] Critics and Rantings in the global aspect of osCommerce Software are not suitable in each of these topics. The will be either removed or silenced.
  7. Are you a shopowner? Help make the core osCommerce software better! This is the place where you can let the osCommerce team know about an idea (or ideas!) to improve the core software. First a definition: "core" osCommerce software is the package that is downloaded and installed by default. This isn't the place to write a wishlist of addons you'd like to see in the base osCommerce. Don't forget that lots of functionality is able to be added with addons that can easily be uploaded and turned on due to the modularity of osCommerce. The last thing we need is a bloated package full of "features" that will never be used by a large majority of shopowners. If you have an idea for an app, post it here. What is welcome here is ideas that can, for instance, make it even easier for addons to be installed. Perhaps you (or your developer) have found developing and adding a particular addon is too difficult because you need to dive into core code. In that case, let the developers know! Perhaps you can't find ways to turn things on or off. Or something you want to do is way too difficult because of the way the core code is structured. We as shopowners who deal with the day to day running of stores and have the knowledge as to how osCommerce can be improved for both us and our customers. This is our opportunity to have some input into the direction of the software. Anything to do with the core code that would make your life easier as a shopowner, let the team know by posting it here.
  8. Are you a shopowner? Help improve the functionality of osCommerce by suggesting a "must have" app or addon. This is the place where you can make suggestions for apps or features for osCommerce. The idea is that app/addon developers look here for inspiration and deliver what we need. It may be something new, or an old app that needs updating. It may be something simple, or it may be something highly complex. The only proviso is that the app or addon should, when completed, be able to be uploaded and switched on. Core changes are frowned upon and should be non-existent or minimal. If you see an app or addon that could be easier to install if the core osCommerce software were updated, let the core osCommerce team know in this thread. We as shopowners who deal with the day to day running of stores and have the knowledge as to how osCommerce can be improved for both us and our customers. This is our opportunity to have some input into the direction of addon development. Looking forward to your contributions.
  9. @jaywilner https://apps.oscommerce.com/r0znb&google-tag-manager
  10. Make them work out of the box, which most people downloading osCommerce will leave as is. Have some instructions somewhere (in the documentation?) explaining cleardivs.
  11. Duplicate titles and fix

    @John W Google had a massive update last week which would explain your improvements. Nothing wrong with adding the word Review to the reviews page. The only criticism I have of the product review page is that it has no obvious way for the customer to click through to the product page.
  12. news letter

    @Dan Cole I works like this. You create a template in Mandrill with placeholders for data (this one is extremely simple, but you get the gist): <h1>{{CompanyName}}</h1> Hey {{firstName}}, thanks for ordering a wonderful selection of our products. <!-- BEGIN PRODUCT LOOP // --> {{#each products}} <tr class="item"> <td valign="top" class="textContent"> <img src="{{img}}" width="50" height="75" class="itemImage" /> <h4 class="itemName">{{name}}</h4> <span class="contentSecondary">Qty: {{qty}} x ${{price}}/each</span><br /> <span class="contentSecondary sku"><em>{{sku}}</em></span><br /> <span class="contentSecondary itemDescription">{{description}}</span> </td> <td valign="top" class="textContent alignRight priceWidth"> ${{ordPrice}} </td> </tr> {{/each}} <!-- // END PRODUCT LOOP --> Then you just send the information (CompanyName, firstname, and name, qty, price, sku, and description for products) over using the Mandrill class. Mandrill inserts the info into the template then sends the email.
  13. news letter

    Further to using Mailchimp for transactional emails, there needs to be a MailChimp E-Commerce app written for osCommerce otherwise it's a non-starter https://kb.mailchimp.com/integrations/connected-sites/about-connected-sites. If @burt wants to write one I'd be happy to work with him, it's not something I'd want to do alone though.
  14. news letter

    You need to use the Mandrill option which is extra. Minimum cost is $20 per month for one block of 25,000 emails. I've done everything I can to use as many of those 25,000 emails each month, including progress emails for orders and Gary's key system to get reviews. I'll also be implementing abandoned carts and product notifications once I can figure those out :-) Edit: Apparently you may be able to use Mailchimp for transactional emails too, but the article seems ambiguous https://kb.mailchimp.com/mandrill/about-transactional-email
  15. news letter

    Mailchimp + clubosc = customer newsletter awesomeness.