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  1. @Peper @mcmannehan has a products tab addon which was quite easy to install
  2. @Peper Using Mandrill, I send an email 14 days after purchase asking for a review and offer a discount coupon as a thank you. That's been very successful. I also have product questions installed and have a couple of hundred questions on a 4,000 item catalog.
  3. You don't need this company to run your contest (everything they do is DIYable) but their guides are excellent
  4. @discxpress Refer a friend, Facebook product ads, competitions, discount coupons, the possibilities are endless
  5. I suggest not reading any of those SEO "experts" and just focus on giving your customers a great experience. Repeat business is what you want, not a continual frenetic hunt for new clients through Google.
  6. What version of PHP are you using, and which version of osCommerce (is it the "official" osCommerce?) Number 2 error looks like you need to enter values for Merchant Number etc
  7. That is very easy, just upgrade to osC Edge
  8. I can see one problem immediately, how do customers get to the shopping cart to make changes?
  9. Yep. If you don't want that then grabbing ot_subtotal would work I think.
  10. select sum(value) from orders_total ot, orders o where ot.orders_id = o.orders_id and o.delivery_country = 'New Zealand' and ot.class = 'ot_total' and o.date_purchased between '2016-01-01 00:00:00' and '2017-12-31 23:59:59' Depends on what you named 'New Zealand' of course
  11. @tgely Both are Storage Engine InnoDB Collation utf8_unicode_ci ROW_FORMAT COMPACT Switching to file format writes this to file in site 1 (which runs on PHP 7.1) example: sessiontoken|s:32:"d24265704xxxdbb6a3b495a7c873619";cart|O:12:"shoppingCart":4:{s:8:"contents";a:0:{}s:5:"total";i:0;s:6:"weight";i:0;s:12:"content_type";b:0;} and writes this to file in site 2 (which runs on PHP 5.6) example: TC1P4FZNgFqx6DeGh7Z4tlsSkwrIlWa_qciqB8FQEyqyCUl49zkvl_BmM_Nq34ahMKTyvVlrB0cb3_TYpzs7kK2zKWxU0Pt6h58Gl51Y1q8BrmJrxZoHC94C4QMWr3f2oh4OG3Jjfcof8x-zam5ZjDHEMCx04IUuZIM0VIHUyYE4yyLooeT2-LdKIGlRDB8fupXzx03VQxssqmuLRp5UPL1oTAxxx8v-aans36zuc9o_kZFZJo_nEBD1XSYebq3hW3f6BXO_Y0RdfVXRTln5qQ_zpI8BT4rczCDQkTFJRWGw4WtbHBSLf3cMweAOcGop5gCjQ-7HMf8Y-H2cf1B5ME3L1d8yImxxfBQxeuQV3e8wpOj_NdfcXapPawEqFMWIoDbE3fMyVwZ4LNj4m37x_QzPnEfeRuFEY5pPtcMYE9KBq_y6WMjRmwcqTERvxxxdh5bm5UI293yM7c-irCftQVIZzgd8G_yK1GAJxroI5V4sAvV6feWwm6OIwZxl6NMk8M2I_LsQ7mg7Ie8JYhvs-V3ZXoF3U23bJILNU3ZMFDrkMcWURHs_tTWirctjJRBI_nLRF6_GY8Y-4NCavEjtXOal4WVJylLk5Co7QdJObfz0_GLXimy89ELRCOnEGJU0zZgxxOGASruMDMSMHzGqAQ0yaQqUx_j52V2UFrtCbwSGD_Fz-vjtKlKV2kikOYDFTM6hlbwC5O4xUSGhFYEvgHpfWKdxsbo1FApUUOZHxM_DZSB2dGiNeP1ai8-92B5aAyrHcM1cNRBf1VW9UPb3txn3t84rdLkFM763g48sQR6lli5HeXzRmzpDT0nDFLSahemJ-ClXOHpt8wksZEt4vP1hf-iBYsSLTHhrWb7i30ClTQXBAnry0UmBEWah8_i21NYsBt9acjuMk9B0BRoU4mD-jjXsLvRvXfhRLxzopHbjmar79vEoJAvF6Te5uuNLVC9fPMf-53_vNAIM_L3iAvKIDkR5Qzx205yPxFpO8yT4kbxWTc5QRT5nZxiJaZOTocT1ROsTOVpieFjjSUX9F9CRxgWxLJrwsr7ajgWny3dstPFhc2yJR2-l5_QNxljWNInclbCu0lHCwXm0grGT5DdfRAXwoGQ4PYiedhZg4rRAsmUvxne9gb-hCBc8r6yNzZ360EtrmH5xQ..
  12. Codebase is identical as far as sessions go. Both stores define('STORE_SESSIONS', 'mysql'); Store 1 is running on PHP 7.1.10 Store 2 is running on PHP 5.6.31 Not sure if that makes a difference Store 1 Admin -> Configuration -> Sessions Session Directory /home/user/public_html/includes/work/ Force Cookie Use False Check SSL Session ID False Check User Agent False Check IP Address False Prevent Spider Sessions True Recreate Session True Store 2 Admin -> Configuration -> Sessions Session Directory /home/user/public_html/includes/work/ Force Cookie Use False Check SSL Session ID False Check User Agent False Check IP Address False Prevent Spider Sessions True Recreate Session True
  13. Both HTTPS
  14. @Dan Cole Both stores are running on osC2.3.4.1 Edge