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  1. @brendan yes ! What exactly do you want to know ? brgds byps
  2. HI, would be very nice if I could get a short info on that. thanks Rolf
  3. Philip, Think I solved the problem. If you stay inside the site you can use the link as follows: "index.php?cPath=33_41&$sid" (with &$sid you get the session id) or <a href="product_info.php?products_id=37"><link> So far in my site it works 100% and nothing is mixed up ore lost. The $urlcat seems to have a bug.... Would be interesting if it?s also working in your site :-) rolf
  4. Hi, tried your site but everything went OK ! I also installed an account (Rolf Schmitz) and got forward until the last process in buying... So what?s your problem ? byps
  5. @ ACE99 hI; Did you also try to use the $urlcat_XX_YY (a deeper cPath) and does it work ? Rolf
  6. @ Brian ( Diamond Sea) Hi Brian, The following line is shown in my browser after using the $urlcat_33_41 template: http://localhost/catalog/index.php?cPath=33&osCsid=5b431942e3ccdd0238536f7c051c140b_41 ( and of course a parse error) What can I do to fix it and to use this categorie link to get to such a deep categorie ? thanks in advance byps
  7. @ Philip, if I use it like: index.php/cPath/XX?$sid I only get the index page. Rolf
  8. @etiMaGo, Hi Thomas, are sure to add all lines to the different files ? Normally there shouldn?t be a problem if you did it 100%. I?m running poduct_info.php and it?s working great. byps
  9. Hi Philip, many. many thanks for your quick and helpful answer. Seems I?m getting closer to solve my problem ! I?d like to ask some further questions: My links are inside the sts-templates and they look at the moment like this: index.php?cPath=36_38 (for a categorie and I use this page for other purpose). For the index.php for example, I think I have to to put it like this: index.php?$sid. But how to overcome with a cPath ? Moving with the curser on the link it shows the ID. But after klicking and entering the new page the session ID is gone. Do I to set the link in another way ? (It?s working as long as I?m not leaving to a cPath !) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Another subject is the $urlcat_XX_YY. To link like you see here is not working because I get the error: "session_start(): The session id contains invalid characters, valid characters are only a-z, A-Z and 0-9 in C:\apache\htdocs\catalog\includes\functions\sessions.php on line 67" and this is how it looks like in the adress of the browser: http://localhost/catalog/index.php?cPath=33&osCsid=7154ccec9fb1e600486d732a2c7556b9_41 Do you have any ideas about my questions ? best regards from cologne-Germany Rolf
  10. Again Hi, trying to solve the previous problem, I wanted to use sts tags for Categories. using $cat_x_y I get the message of parse error : session_start(): The session id contains invalid characters, valid characters are only a-z, A-Z and 0-9 in C:\apache\htdocs\catalog\includes\functions\sessions.php on line 67 the last cPath id $cat_x_41 is written after the session id. Does anybody know the reason of this? What?s wrong ? thanks in advance for answer. regards from cologne- Germany byps
  11. Hi, does anybody know how to use the session id tag ($sid) ? I added some links on different sides to special products and after puting one in the cart trying to put a second product into the cart I lose the session id... thanks in advance for a hint. byps
  12. byps

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    Hi Steve, tried this, but if I put the code exactly as recommended I get a parse error in line 69. Than I took " " ( beginning of the line ) away and it?s working again. But nothing changed. What?s the reason to change this ? by the way: your contrib is runnning great. Thanks a lot ! How about the html editor ? Did you already got some reactions ? I?m wondering how this is working and sometimes, when I tried to use it, it happened that IE6 crashed and put me to the desktop. At the moment I?m not able tell when exactly this happens. But maybe you?ve heard about it from other side. Sorry for my bad english.. byps
  13. byps

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    @ Steve, Hi, I?m new here in this forum (usually I use the german forum) but after adding the contrib newsdesk I got some trouble which I already got fixed after reading this thread over here. It?a very nice contribution and looks to work pretty good. The reason at them moment why I?m posting here is that I?m using another contrib: sts templates and try to put the newsdesk in here. Because I?m not good in php I do have trouble getting the content of the newsdesk overview (list of news) in a special window or content. At the moment I find this only in the index. php. Is anybody able to give a hint ? sorry if this is not belonging to this threat, but I think you guys over here are very skilled in this ;-) thanks for understanding regards byps