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    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi, I have just installed STS 2.01. I've checked all my install, and all seems correct. However, when I look at my site, the $content doesn't seem to be working because my central content is blank! All the boxes load correctly, everything else is fine. When I look at the source of the site, all I see where the content should be is <!--Begin Content--!><!--End Content--!> With nothing between. It's like the template is skipping my content completely. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi, I'm using (what I think) are the latest versions of OSC and the CCGV. But I seem to have a problem I can't find a solution for. When I create a voucher to give free shipping, the calculation that get's passed to Paypal is the total subtract the shipping, which wouldn't be such a big deal if the cost of the item was higher than the shipping. In this case, a negative dollar amount is being passed to Paypal, which won't work! Is there a way to control how the free shipoing voucher is calculated? Any further clarification, just ask. Thanks for any help.