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  1. Mr. Phyl. I have a question for you. Is it possible to have a web server with a store, with a dynamic IP ? my ISP said it will be almost impossible to give me a static IP. Can a VPN solve such problem? Many thanks in advance. jose
  2. newoldbie

    Installing Mistake

  3. Hello. Where there is lots of data, analisys can be done. AI needs lots of it in order to fit a curve or "shell" in 3D . In fluid dynamic turbulence for example it is hard to get exact results. The human mind is much better, because its creativity. There are problems in physics that have not been solved. AI could help understanding, but it is more like using Excel in order to come up with a fit curve or trend line with its equation, which is very good inside the analyzed range of data. If easy physical problems are not solved, imagine, more subtle ones such as sychological emotional human reactions ? Dont think such models will be very accurate.
  4. newoldbie

    Installing Mistake

    you have made a big point. Thanks MrPhil. Ill see what to do. jose
  5. newoldbie

    Installing Mistake

    Hi M. I can do rerename back to admin. I also have to get permissions out of 777 right. many thanks. Not today as I am busy. later on. jose
  6. newoldbie

    Installing Mistake

    renamed admin directory
  7. How about updating packages, and the upgrading.
  8. Hi. while trying to install my oscommerce , I had to do many adjustments in several files. The worse thing was that mysql database stop working, and got many error messages. I checked the web for many things, and I was trying to follow some expert directions. Discovered that the ethernet configurations that I read did not work . Until I put not one but three addresses. also did the same in the mysql config, and voila. So in your case, maybe you have to do some configurations kind of easy, but really who knows exactly ?? Programming stuff is a matter of trial and error. Only very simple tasks can follow a procedure. The relationship among programs and commands, can be very complex, and the output of many combination of set ups, can be very strange and confusing. I recommend trying simple things, and write down each modification you do. use print screen and paint to record screens so you later on can go back. keep up and do not stop. jose
  9. newoldbie

    Installing Mistake

    Hi there. After a couple of days of struggling, I managed to install oscommerce-2.3.4 in an old server Ubuntu 8.4 . The big problem was to configure everything in order to SEE the installation part while using a minilaptop with windows 7 . After many experiments, the connections were just right, and did the installation. BUT at the end, instead of doing the administrative part , I went to the security , turning files in mysql and ubuntu to protect, and rename files. Now I cannot enter to the admin part in order to do the tunning up. If someone knows about it, I would appreciate some guides. otherwise I have to research myself again. cheers, and many thanks for the software. I hope in the future I can provide some module which I will try to do. Jose
  10. Good fathers day. I am new here, and want to install a store and sell a service . In my architecture I contemplate to use a second computer attached to the server in order to do the computing of my service. A request is made through the server. A file is prepared and sent to the second computer to be processed. The response to the request is computed and sent to the server. then the server sends the response to the client in the web. Is there such a type of possible package for doing so ? Or do I have to program such a process. Many thanks for the help. Yours, José in Mex.