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  1. newoldbie

    No Static IP

    many thanks @JcMagpie Yes, I have my own apache server. You are right, this is lots of security issues , but I must learn. Its not time for me to quit on own server stuff. I will report later on my results. I am too slow, and apologies for just responding now. Cheers Thanks @ArtcoInc
  2. newoldbie

    No Static IP

    In mex, ISP's are not willing to rent one, a static IP. My server still cannot be seen online. I am trying to fix it. Many thanks for your input. jose
  3. newoldbie

    No Static IP

    Happy Sunday evening OScomERS. What do you do when one cannot get Static IP from ISP ? Any good solutions ? Have checked the web. I Appreciate any input. Many thanks. Jose
  4. newoldbie

    cannot login

    Hey Dan. I did it. Well, I just followed a procedure. I saw this video in you tube in which the db table is "truncated". The hardest part was to learn mysql and find files. Many thanks , I can login now. see you later. Jose
  5. newoldbie

    cannot login

    thanks Dan, I ll try. and yes , through google Ive done everything, including oscommerce "discovery" Ill tell you my result. jose
  6. newoldbie

    cannot login

    Good day People, In June Made an installation and did not have my own IP service which I got recently. But I cannot login into my admin tool. How do I either, recover the username and password or set up a new one? where is the files ? in mysql ? Appreciate any help. Thanks and have a nice week. jose