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  1. eaglerecovery

    USA EPay Not Showing in List

    Aaaaaaaaaaand I just found the solution!! I was looking in the list of installed payment vendors. It appears you still have to "install" it via the admin site once the files are uploaded. Have a great day!
  2. eaglerecovery

    USA EPay Not Showing in List

    I have a fresh install of osCommerce and am trying to integrate USA Epay payment module. I found a link on USA Epay's site to their osCommerce integration, downloaded the files, and placed them in the directories as indicated on the web page. The instructions at USA Epay say that once the files are uploaded, you should be able to see them in the payment section under modules in the admin site. Well... I have uploaded the files, but USA Epay does not show in my list of available payment modules. I used osCommerce many years ago and I'm sure much has changed, although surely much is still the same. Has anyone successfully integrated this? Is there a step or option I could be missing? Thanks kindly Here is the link to the USA Epay module: https://wiki.usaepay.com/merchant/support/carts/oscommerce