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    Custom Product Builder

    Hi, Got a message from my webhoster..... The website with this contribution, built on a clean 060817 version of osCommerce, had been hacked. This happened 5 days ago and this hacker generated over 15.000 dollars of bandwidth usage in 5 days!!!!! First the web hoster blocked the website and later today I agreed to delete the complete website. I have built over 30 webshops and this is the first time that a webshop got hacked. Hope this is not a contribution problem??? Regards, Edze
  2. Edze

    Custom Product Builder

    Hi, A few days ago I saw the light.... If there is no stock, printers are not visible. Solution is not to check the stock or just make sure that there is enough of all articles in stock. Regards, Edze
  3. Edze

    Custom Product Builder

    Hi Mike, Installed v1.1.0 full 12 Dec 2008 plus updates in v1.1.1 on a default 060817 shop with only contri Register_globals being contri 2097. Deleted all default products and made new categories for printers and cartridges. Not able to get it to work in the shop... If I click on (click here) then I only see this: Deselect current item printers - click to select No items available So, the printers are not listed here... What am I forgetting? shop admin Kind regards, Edze
  4. Hi, I would like it to be possible for a client of a webshop to come to the store and pickup the goods, even if free shipping has been offered. At the moment, when there is free shipping the choice for store pickup is not being displayed. Using standard Free Shipping and the contribution Store Pickup 1.05. It seems that the ot_shipping.php overrules the choices for the shipping modules. With kind regards, Edze
  5. Hi, When you want to continue ordering you have to check the Terms and Conditions and later on the Privacy Notice. Before doing so, you can read them following the link (you can read it here. After reading you can only click Continue, which will not bring you back to the page where you came from.... With kind regards, Edze
  6. Edze

    CCC and shipping

    Hi, If you have your shipping costs defined like this for example: 5:5.00,10:9.00,20:16.00 up to 5 kgs: 5,00 $ 5 - 10 kgs: 9,00 $ 10 - 20 kgs: 16,00 $ and a client order weighs more then 20 kgs, you will get that message. So please look at Admin - Modules - Shipping and check your shipping weights and prices there. Regards, Edze
  7. Edze

    bts and buttons location

    Hi Carl, What you are looking for, you might find at www.creloaded.com. Download their version of osc. They took oscommerce and added a lot of contributions, among them BTS. Have a look at the subdirectories of the template directory. With kind regards, Edze