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    Author and Developer of PassengersFX Plugin for X-Plane flight simulator
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  1. Kevanf

    New OSCommerce install/user needs help

    Hi Malcolm, I actually could not yell you, I just sent a email to support and explained my problems to do with the new instal. ( I had several) I became a ambassador, ( paid member) and they made the modifications needed to make it work. The support is outstanding. Kev
  2. Kevanf

    New OSCommerce install/user needs help

    Thanks for relying, The issue has been fixed by one of the OSCommerce support staff.
  3. I have just installed OSCommerce. All set up and working. the products on my site are all by digital download, Some product are "FREE" others are for purchase. I have no need for shipping. Just started tests before I go "Live" I have selected a product to "purchase" but when I get to the Delivery information page I get an error stating, "Shipping is currently not available for the selected shipping address. Please select or create a new shipping address to use with your purchase." I do not need shipping. How can I remove this part. Thankyou Kevan