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    rule reacted to Jack_mcs in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    It's failing because it can't find the iconv function. Iconv is a php extension so, apparently, that has not been enabled in your php. If your control panel allows you to change extensions you can do it there. Otherwise you will need to ask your host to enable it.
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    rule reacted to Tsimi in Horizontal Categories Menu BS   
    I see...
    Ok let's try the following.
    First let's add a new custom class to avoid conflicts with other dropdown classes.
    Open your ../includes/classes/catmenu.php file and look for this code
    $root_start_string = '<li class="dropdown">', add a new class, in this example I use yourclass (*you can name that whatever you like just make sure you also change the css definition as well.)
    $root_start_string = '<li class="dropdown yourclass">', Save and close the file.
    Next let's add the new css definitions inside the user.css file
    .dropdown-submenu a {text-transform:none;} .yourclass > a {text-transform:uppercase;} Make sure the css code is inserted exactly like that. If you would switch those 2 new css definitions around it won't work.
    Now you should have all Caps in the first categories only and the rest below inside the sub-menus should be normal.
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    rule reacted to burt in Product Page Layout   
    You're missing the micro-adjustments I mentioned.  These would be performed in each modules template file.
    to (eg):
    <div class="col-sm-<?php echo $content_width; ?> cm-pi-price"> <p><?php echo (tep_not_null($specials_price)) ? sprintf(MODULE_CONTENT_PI_PRICE_DISPLAY_SPECIAL, $specials_price, $products_price) : sprintf(MODULE_CONTENT_PI_PRICE_DISPLAY, $products_price); ?></p> </div> To remove the massive header div and instead put the content into a paragraph.
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    rule reacted to burt in Product Page Layout   
    Totally do-able, it is exactly as @raiwa says.
    Gallery 10 6
    Name 20 6
    Model 30 3
    Price 40 3
    Attributes 50 6
    Buy 60 3
    Reviews 70 3
    Description 80 6
    You are constrained by the DEPTH of the Gallery, so place a minimum height on this using CSS which would be placed in user.css
    @media only screen and (min-width : 768px) {   div.cm-pi-gallery {     min-height: 1000px;   } } Change the min-height on this to better reflect your needs.
    You will then also need to amend tpl_ files for product_info, at the very least;
    remove clearfix from reviews button tpl restyle price as it would look weird as a h* Prior to the extra tpl_ change for price, you would end up with something like:

    Of course, how this would look in XS...is debatable, and that is why you can micromanage the layout using those tpl_ files if you so wish.  My system for these modules uses only the SM layer.... however, that micro-management is where things get really complicated really quickly and hence why I did not put that level of management into Core.
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    rule reacted to raiwa in Product Page Layout   
    The product info page in CE Frozen is already modular, no need for the old add-on.
    You need some additional css adjusting.
    Try to add the pull right class to all template files except the gallery.
    Or fix the gallery min height to at least the height of all other modules you have on the right side. This can be tricky due to the height depends on the description length, amount of options etc.
    You may also need to take extra care for mobile view.
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    rule reacted to BrockleyJohn in Product Page Layout   
    I agree that doesn't fit very well with the delivered code.
    The layout that best represents what you want is two divs side by side, each half the width on sm and above, with the one on the right containing everything else that's not the gallery.
    The easiest way to achieve this is two extra modules, one that begins the container and another that ends it.
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    rule reacted to Hotclutch in Product Page Layout   
    This layout is not possible with the stock osCommerce - because you want a 2 column layout and you need to be able to insert rows into each column.
    This is stock osCommerce on the product_info.php:
    <div class="row is-product"> <?php echo $oscTemplate->getContent('product_info'); ?> </div> This is what you need to do:
    <div class="row"> <div class="col"><?php echo $oscTemplate->getContent('product_info'); ?></div> <div class="col"><?php echo $oscTemplate->getContent('product_info2'); ?></div> </div>