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  1. Search Tool Plug in

    Yes, did see the reviews but only one says explicitly for 2.2. Of course, if the others are backward compatible, that would be sweet. Am I dreaming or is it conceivable they could be? I'm not the programmer, just doing the legwork, BTW.
  2. Jack,

    We need to upgrade our site search but we're stuck with v2.2.  The search tool is extremely slow. Can you modify your SiteSearchPlus tool?

    We want to:
    Search Category
    Search Products including SKU

    We want to use the meta keywords field for alternate words/mispellings but if you think there is a better place for that, we're game.








    1. Jack_mcs


      The search code is mostly the same in all versions of oscommerce.  Usually when the search is slow, it is because the code is searching through product descriptions. If you don't need that to be done, then removing that option would greatly increase the speed. If you do need it, there's not much that can be done, assuming your search code is standard code. The search in description is usually only a problem when there is a large number of products involved or/and their descriptions are large.

      So the short answer is that I can modify the search code however you like but the speed may not improve if it is searching product descriptions.

      As for the meta keyword tag, any keyword you enter in it has to appear on the page or the search engines may think you are trying to trick them, which can lead to banning.

      If you have my Header Tags SEO addon installed, it has an additional words field just for this purpose. You enter the words in admin for the product and the code displays those on the product page as well as adds them to the meta keyword.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions or would like any of the changes made.

  3. Search Tool Plug in

    We're using the basic search tool that came with v2.2. We need something better but with all the customization we've done, going to 2.3.4 in the short term is impossible. The current version is extremely slow. We want to search both category and products & use the meta keyword field to plant alternate words & misspellings. We would also like to include a part number (SKU) search. Has anyone installed any of these with good results? Ajax Search Suggest, SiteSearch Plus AJAX Quick Search