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  1. Thanks Civic but that didn't seem to work....anyone else have an idea or solution for this. I am in need of some major help!
  2. Ok I've been trying to figure this out but it just doesn't seem to want to work!! sts runs great but how do I specify a template for a single page that has only one value in the cPath. For instance if my URL is - index.php?cPath=48 my template would be index.php_48.html which does work for that category BUT it also applies that specific template to ANY of the other pages that are within that category. In other words index.php?cPath=48_50 uses the template that should ony be specified for cPath=48 ONLY. I've placed an index.php.html within the sts templates dir but that doesn't work. Anybody out there have a solution for this? Thanks in advance.
  3. How can I fix this for catagories that go deeper then the #fifthcat? It seems to break if it goes any deeper then 5 catagories deep. Please take a look at this: http://induk.opticnrg.com/catalog/index.ph...=24_54_67_88_90 For kicks I just tried adding #sixthcat to the stylesheet but that didn't do anything. Thanks for the help and a really good contribution! Dang it - I honestly don't think my brain starts problem solving until I actually post my question. I got it figured out. For future people that run into this issue: Open up the includes/boxes/catagories.php and add this line - if ($tree[$counter]['level'] == 5) {$categories_string .= '<div id="sixthcat">';} around line number 34. So in the end it looks like this: if ($tree[$counter]['level'] == 0) {$categories_string .= '<div id="topcat">';} if ($tree[$counter]['level'] == 1) {$categories_string .= '<div id="secondcat">';} if ($tree[$counter]['level'] == 2) {$categories_string .= '<div id="thirdcat">';} if ($tree[$counter]['level'] == 3) {$categories_string .= '<div id="fourthcat">';} if ($tree[$counter]['level'] == 4) {$categories_string .= '<div id="fifthcat">';} if ($tree[$counter]['level'] == 5) {$categories_string .= '<div id="sixthcat">';} Hope that helps anyone...