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  1. nagsy

    Protx VSP Direct - MS2.2 Support

    Hello all, Having performed in 'Test' mode successfully I contacted Protx and they changed my site to 'Live' and advised of that accordingly. I switched my site to 'Live Mode' via the osCommerce admin. When it was in test mode all the transactions were going through fine. Now (in 'Live' mode) when I put my real debit card details through I get the following error from Protx: "Internal error/ Couldn't create a local transaction. Your credit card could not be authorised for this reason. Please correct any information and try again or contact us for further information." Any ideas what the problem could be? As always, thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, Nagsy
  2. nagsy

    Protx VSP Direct - MS2.2 Support

    Thanks Alec.....I have managed to get a test server up and running so its no problemo regarding downtime. :) I am currently testing Protx Direct and would like to test my shopping cart responses to transactions where Protx fails the transaction due to: 1) Incorrect name 2) Incorrect card number 3) CV2 fails or AVS fails From what I can understand I can only use the test Visa number '4929000000006' (in admin) and it doesn't matter what the card holder name, address AVS or CV2 is. Any idea how I can test how the contrib reacts to incorrect details being sent to Protx? As always, Thanks in advance. Nagsy
  3. nagsy

    Protx VSP Direct - MS2.2 Support

    *****Inadvertently posted this thread in main Contribution area********* Hello all, How long does the Protx VSP Direct module take to install and test in a vanilla install of osCommerce? Ta, Nagsy PS I'm gonna install a number of contribs and would like to gauge downtime.
  4. nagsy

    Protx VSP Form / VSP Direct

    Hello all, In case anyone else needs to choose between the two module types: Here's the reason why I went with Protx Direct: 1) My customers will remain on my site throughout the whole payment transaction process.....with Protx Form they would leave my site and enter their details on the Protx website. 2) I already have an SSL Certificate, fixed IP address and the shared server I am on has CURL and openSSL installed - all are requirements for Protx Direct. 3) Protx Direct uses server-to-server communication: this means that I can be notified immediately when payments are taken. ta, Nagsy
  5. Hello all, I'm not sure which Protx payment gateway contribution to use - VSP Form or VSP Direct? I have read through the documents from Protx regarding to two VSP modules but I still don't really understand which is the better product. My website is on a shared server which is running PHP 4 with CURL and openSSL installed. I have 128 bit SSL also. So I have all the components that are required to install either of the contributions. All I am really concerned with is speed of the transaction and stability. Can anyone please advise as to what the pro's and con's would be of having either product. Thanks in advance. Nagsy
  6. nagsy

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hello all, Just to let you know.......HSBC will not issue me with a merchant account due to the hisk risk products that I sell. :angry: On a positive note Barclays it appears maybe willing to issue me with the merchant number. I was thinking of using Protx or epdq - anyone have any experience of them and the related contibutions? Thanks in advance. Nagsy
  7. nagsy

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hello again, Currently website is hosted on a shared server. Is the HSBC CPI Payment module script designed to run on a shared server or does it have to be a dedicated one? Cheers, Nagsy
  8. nagsy

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi Mark, If you are using Protx, then theres the ?20 charge. But don't you also have to pay the acquiring bank for the merchant account - doesn't this just mean your paying twice. Or is it cheaper to get the merchant account elsewhere? If I use Protx, HSBC have quoted me ?150 setup, 2.5% for CC, and 28p for UK Visa debits just for the merchant account (+ ?20 per month submission fee) - and then on top of that I'd have to pay Protx ?20 per month as well. It appears that the HSBC CPI option (merchant + processing software) is best. What about Chargebacks with HSBC. I just spoke to one of their guys and I was quite surprised when he said they will guarantee chargebacks if the transcation was fraudulent and HSBC sent a success confirmation to go ahead with the sale. Can this be true? No one else appears to guarantee emailable/downloadable transactions where there is no physical product and no postal delivery address. Nagsy
  9. nagsy

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Great, Thanks Neil. So I guess its the same regardless of whether I use the CPI or Protex software - both will return to my site with the confirmation. I'm not sure why somebody would want to get a merchant account with HSBC and then use the Protx software because this would be more costly - you'd be paying HSBC for the merchant account and Protx for their services. Why not just use HSBC for the merchant account and use their CPI all for one princely sum? Can someone please advise of the pros and cons for each method of using HSBC - CPI or Protx? Cheers, Nagsy
  10. nagsy

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hello all, I am thinking of setting up my shop to use the HSBC ePayments module in addition to my current payment gateway. I've a couple of questions I'm hoping somene may be able to help me with. I sell emailable products. Currently if a customer completes their order in the payment window a confirmation notification is received by my site from the payment gateway. If its a successful confirmation the order status is updated automatically to show a successful order has been made and the product is sent out via email. Does the HSBC module operate in the same way? I have received the Secure ePayments literature and understand that I can either use the HSBC CPI or the Protex software. Do they both do the same job and can I use either of them within my scenario? Which is the better piece of software? Please advise, Cheers, Nagsy
  11. nagsy

    Points/Rewards Module

    Hello all, We (yes, I speak for us all!) would really appreciate it if someone could let us know whether or not they have this contribution installed and fully working by following the standard install instructions. Thanks, Nagsy
  12. Hi Scooby, The nochex APC does not send out a confirmation email when a order has taken place. I just routinely check the orders via the admin. Any orders which are 'Nochex Processing' basically means that the customer pressed the submit button on your site and went to the nochex payment gateway window. Upon reaching this point they did not complete the transaction - if they did then the status would change to 'Nochex Authorised'. Regarding the problem with the repetitive email "NOCHEX VALIDITY RESPONSE: NO RESPONSE" - I would make sure you have CURL installed correctly and SSL. You can also check your config against mine - In Admin I have two payment modules setup: 1)Nochex 2)Secure (SSL) Payment via Nochex My config in admin for the above two modules is as follows: Nochex: Enable NOCHEX Module Do you want to accept NOCHEX payments? True. E-Mail Address The e-mail address to use for the NOCHEX service your_email@whatever.co.uk Payment Zone If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone. None Set Order StatusSet the status of orders made with this payment module to this value Nochex Authorised Sort order of display. Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first. Secure (SSL) Payment via Nochex: Enable NOCHEX Module Do you want to accept NOCHEX payments? True Functionality Mode If test mode is on, payments will NOT be processed (XTRA accounts only). Live Logo to display The Logo to use for the NOCHEX service (Leave blank for default logo) http://www.yoursite.co.uk/catalog/images/yoursite_logo.jpg Enable NOCHEX APC Responder Do you want to enable NOCHEX Automatic Payment Confirmation (APC)? True APC Responder Module Address Enter the location of the NOCHEX noticiation file for use with the APC System http://www.yoursite.co.uk/catalog/nochex_notify.php E-Mail Address The e-mail address to use for the NOCHEX service your_email@whatever.co.uk Update Stock Before Payment Should Products Stock be updated even when the payment is not yet COMPLETED? False Payment Zone If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone. None Set Order Status APC Sets the status of orders authorised with this value Nochex Authorised Sort order of display. Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first. 1 Debug Email Code Switch on debugging script to troubleshoot problems? (Emailed script will be sent to store owners email address) False Hope this helps, Nagsy
  13. Hello All, It appears that there is a little issue at present concerning the display of previous orders: 'If a customer initiates a transaction but subsequently does not complete the purchase in the Nochex window then they are still able to view the order through the ?Previous Orders' functionality. This can be a potential problem - if a customer is browsing your site and wants to see how it works they may initate a 'dummy' transaction passing through to the Nochex window. If they they then check their Previous Orders they will have a record being displayed with 'Nochex Processing' -this can be confusing for the customer. To avoid showing the 'Nochex Prococessing' rows via 'Previous Orders' you will need to do the following (remember to backup files first!): 1) catalog/account.php On or around line 97 add the filter as follows just before the order by command: "o.orders_status != '50000'" 2) catalog/includes/functions/general.php For the function tep_count_customer_orders around line 1357 the query returns the total number of orders irrespective of the order status. Therefore a similar condition as above needs to be applied. 3) Mark (aka Marcoh) has also pointed out that there is a further amendment required if using the statistics on the admin side: stats_customers.php around line 60, and around line 63 the filter needs to be put in here so that the order is not added to the gross order totals giving false results. You need to amend the o.orders_status and order_status coding accordingly depending on if the query is relational or direct. Please note that the stats_products_purchased.php also gives a false reading of how many products have been sold since it uses the products table. If you delete the order with the "restock product quantity" ticked, the values will be corrected. Hope this fix helps, Regards, Nagsy PS Big thanks to Mark for testing/verifying my changes and for recommending a solution for the statistics problem on the admin side. :thumbsup:
  14. Mark, I just tried the scenario you mentioned and T get a 'Warning: Page has Expired' message is this what you mean? Nagsy
  15. Mark, Please check your pm. Nagsy