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  1. brononi

    'no payment'

    I would like to add an option that the customer can pay the material cash when they come to pick it up. How can i add this? Thanks a lot, Brononi
  2. brononi

    no deliviry

    Hey, I would like to add a option that the customer can come and pick-up the material theirselves. This would cost 0. I can put for this 'free shipping', no? My question is now, how can i change this name?
  3. brononi

    Fixed price

    Hey, We handle different prices, but i can't figure out how to configure it. <_< A product cost xx euro, shipping cost 0.50 euro. When 10 poducts with xx euro are orderd, then they need to pay 10 x 0.50 euro. A second product cost yy euro, but shipping for this cost 3.10 euro. When 1 xx and 1 yy is ordered, they need to pay 3.60 euro. Any idea how i can solve this?