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  1. I agree , with a few new modern products and images, scaled at the right size, it would look much better and updated!
  2. Ok i figured it out that the checkout success continue button does not submit the form. By replacing the button with the button from the contact us form it is working perfectly. Also there is a link in the button to index.php wich is imo not nescessary because of the automatic redirect to it in checkout success after submitting the form.The product notifications are working also now. Is this a bug in Edge?
  3. Thanks for your fast response Raiwa, i will wait your updates to this beautiful PWA guest account module.
  4. I installed this PWA purchase witout account on BS Edge , it fuctions well except at the chechout_success i cannot set a pasword .In all cases i proceed the customer data is being deleted. If i understand the code well, the guest customer should being redirected to the set_password page after pushing the continue button. This does not happen., it goes directly to index.php snd the data is then deleted. also i noticed that the selected product notifications are not saved to the account. Could this be a bug in the checkout continue button? ( expected form action=update missing?)
  5. My shop is with oscommerce since 2003 , i would like to stay and upgrade to the Edge version but i cannot find a clear Demo of it. (Always a 404 at Burt’s Site) . i think this is nessescary to have a clear address of a working demo if you want to attract new users and to inform existing users about the improvements of the Community Edge version.