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  1. Hello People ! I have been using the internet since about 2004 and creating my own websites and stores because I cannot afford to pay someone to do it the right way! I have a problem and I just don't know how to find someone to help me and thought maybe someone on this website might have some advice or help to offer. I have had my own website since 2004 but someone keeps deleting the pages worried that I may become famous. I think they are absurd because anyone at all can do this that I want to do and so its nothing particular. But the awful part is that I created 4-5 OSCOMMERCE stores and someone who saw the VIDEOGAME desktop page that it comes with was not willing to allow my stores to trade. I only had OSCOMMERCE because of IXWebhosting it was offered with my membership. So what has happened since 2004. EVERY STORE OR WEBSPACE COMPROMISED AND DELETED OR MESSED UP Also I believe PayPal hackers took business from me so since 2004 working every day practically not one sign up or inquiry and not one sale. I am going to die homeless, husbandless, and alone over JEALOUSY? of my talent and ambition? Its the stupidest thing that these enemies of mine ??? want. SO can you help me so I succeed? Please. theincrediblechef.net. restaurantsofamerica.org Thank you Michelle