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  1. I used osCommerce previously (2004-2009) and ran a successful business with it. As my needs progressed I modified that site, and I remember it was an everday thing installing new functionality/features. After attempting to get another site running for the last few months, I've realized how much effort needs to be put in just to get a basic functional site, so I've decided to switch. I feel like osC needs to rethink its approach. I mean, honestly, what ecommerce site has a 5+ page checkout process? I'm moving to Drupal + Ubercart. This combos seems to come with so much more functionality out-of-the-box. Best of luck with contributions like this that are so promising but fail to work... which is one of the biggest reasons I'm switching. It's so confusing digging through all the available contribs, not knowing which ones are the most popular/used and are still maintained. Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I don't end up back here eating my words.
  2. As suggested in the latest version (v3.05) I installed this contribution along with two others: 1. Consolidated Login with Guest Checkout http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8434 2. Discount Coupon Codes for 2.3.1 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7700 I made sure to use the "Compatibility Files" supplied with v3.05. I am having the following problems: The discount code is not applied. When I enter in the corret code I just see the spinning gear... it never updates with a pass/fail icon, nor does it subtract from the order totals. If the "Continue" button is pressed without selecting a payment method it just goes to a blank screen. In Admin->Orders when I attempt to update an order it just goes to a blank screen. If I hit the back button it will normally update the order as intended but I have seen it mysteriously delete the order. I'm not sure if this problem is related to this add-on but the only other add-on I've installed is SEO URLs, which shouldn't touch admin orders. Any thoughts as to these problems?
  3. It appears that way. The last post she made was on May 12, 2012.
  4. is there a version compatible with osc 2.2rc2a?
  5. Sethman

    Header Tags SEO

    Ha ha. Oops. I guess I was missing something. Thanks Jack! Best support on any contrib (of the 30) I have installed. Keep up the excellent work!! Seth
  6. Sethman

    Header Tags SEO

    Maybe I am just missing something. Is there any way to have JUST the category title appear in the browser title? I am having the category title - index title show. Basically like this: index page title = 100% FREE Shipping on... Category Selected = Software - 100% FREE Shipping on... Is there a way to remove the index page title from showing when a category is selected? Thanks, Seth
  7. Anybody know if I can pass Google Checkout a custom order number? I just want to add a few letters to the front of it, like Order# SHT-10293702 I have installed the version according to the instructions on Google's website, not any listed in the Contributions here. Thanks, Seth
  8. Sethman

    RC2a - No Invoice # - Why not?

    Thank you! Works wonders! I had the right idea, just couldn't get my syntax right. ;)
  9. I have installed a fresh RC2a and run the Authorize.net AIM payment module. Everything works just fine, but the invoice # is missing from the order. Does anyone know how to fix this so that it passes that information?
  10. Hi Robert, Any chance I can get a hold of that modification? I am trying to do a free shipping module over a certain price, except for certain products. Seems all I would have to do is reverse your logic to disclude the items by comma list.
  11. You would have to have an auto generated email sent to each vendor when the customer completes the checkout. This is going to be a pretty extensive addon that would require database entries, etc. You would have to associate each product with a vendor and email. Then you would have to aggregate all of the items after checkout completion and sort them all to each vendor - so that you don't email according to item, but rather all items on an order. It will require quite a bit to do that, and I don't think there is a contrib existing that does it. Good luck tho! ;)
  12. Sethman

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Nevermind, I figured it out. I had PWA 2.0f installed previously and just had to rearrange the SQL query for login.php and logoff.php files. Works wonders now! :D
  13. Sethman

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I just did an install on a fresh RC2a store and it does not seem to be working... I guess not totally fresh, a few contributions, but only about 6 files were common, nothing big. Everything looks good on the admin side - I can create groups, add group prices to products, etc. When I login on the retail side it does not show the pricing. Any idea as to why this might be? I followed the instructions carefully and have uploaded all of the files. http://www.onlinepaintballstore.net user: blah@blah.com pass: blahblah Group: VIP, should have all prices showing as $25.00
  14. Wow, that did work. I did a few things in the cPanel, such as enabling the hotlinking protection, but then I tried to go back and restore the settings. I had no idea that it would overwrite the .htaccess. That's amazing - how did you know that's exactly what I did! Wow, I am truly impressed. Thank you a TON for your help, you are doing an awesome job helping everyone out!!
  15. Hi, I have been running this contrib for about 1 1/2 years at least. I think I have version 2.2.1 Anyway, for some reason my pages are all displaying a 404 error. I don't have the slightest idea why. http://www.jassepaintball.com Please take a look and see if you can figure it out. The products and images are still being displayed, and the urls have not changed from when they were working. Thanks :)