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  1. Morb

    Cross Sell (x-sell) query

    Greets, When you say you cracked it, does this mean you figured out a way past the buy now issue that some have been having? When I hit buy now on the xsell products, it just goes to the product listing page. www.smoothair.ca/catalog to see what the problem is. Thanks for any help! :) Geof.
  2. I've installed this, and it is going to be a great mod, thanks to all of your hard work guys thus far. I have Add to Cart installed, and instead of Buy Now would rather have it as an Add to Cart, with it just staying on the products page. I see this contrib working on someone elses site, http://www.laserarts.com/product_info.php?...products_id=201 but the "Buy Now" Just returns to the product listing on my site. www.smoothair.ca/catalog Any progress thus far? Thanks! Geof.
  3. I got it sorted out by using an older version, and it's doing exactly what I want it to do. :) Thanks! Geof. :thumbsup:
  4. Morb

    Canada Posts contrib HELP !!!!

    I believe you have to do it in centimeters.......
  5. Morb

    RSS File Contribution...

    I just posted a question on this as well, and haven't gotten it to work.... God, I hate cross posting, and know I shouldn't, but this is the error I get on http://www.smoothair.ca/catalog/rss.php Right on the bottom. Geof.
  6. Since I can't delete my last post, and figured out my own stupid mistake, I know get the page popping up. This is the error I get though now: Anyone have any idea?? Geof.
  7. Nope, Still getting this error: Warning: main(../../../catalog/includes/application_top.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/smooth/public_html/catalog/rss.php on line 81 Warning: main(../../../catalog/includes/application_top.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/smooth/public_html/catalog/rss.php on line 81 Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required '../../../catalog/includes/application_top.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/smooth/public_html/catalog/rss.php on line 81 When clicking the feed, also, where is the icon supposed to show up? Geof.
  8. Morb

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    I sell RC Electric Items, and on one of the main forum boards, there was a huge discussion thread about sites that offered credit card options, vs. just offering paypal. The consensus was, that people don't trust Paypal, and they feel better using a credit card processer. I used 2checkout cause it was the cheapest, and dinged me the least out of all the other services out there. Thing is, it's basically Paypal, without the Paypal name at the end of the day. Guess this is what people perceive, cause my sales went up 50% once I offered the 2checkout option. I would prefer to do without it, considering all the hassles that we've been encountering, and perhaps what other 3rd party shopping cart users are going through as well. I find 2checkout's interface very annoying, and very un-user friendly as well. Thing is, I guess you get what you pay for, but if someone else comes up with another option, I'm all ears. Now I get a error email everytime a new entry is made to the data base, and HUGE KUDOS to all the guys who have spent countless time on getting these mods going for us. I'm not a programmer, and I definatly appreciate and acknowledge all the hard work everyone has done. Thanks again guys. Geof.
  9. You may have your path wrong, as in needing catalog in front of includes/languges etc to look like this: catalog/includes/languages........ The broken JPG is trying to open up the little canada post symbol. May just have to change the path... Let me know if that works.
  10. Morb

    My (solved!) problems with Canada Post

    Okies, this is a real annoyance on Canada Post Site to get to, but I've dug up the links. You may want to book mark these. http://www.canadapost.ca/business/offering...n/default-e.asp Your shipping profile is the one that Canada Post Gave you, and Im not sure what your paticular PW would be, you will have to phone Canada Post to find that. Hope it helps, and sorry it took so long to reply. :) Geof.
  11. Morb

    2checkout v2 on OSC 2.2

    oh, CRIMINY...LOL....no problems..will download that tonight and get it running. So, just getting rid of cookies in that cookie path will get rid of that annoying warning then.... Geof.
  12. Morb

    2checkout v2 on OSC 2.2

    Sooo to recap everything.....doing this: define('HTTP_COOKIE_PATH', 'cookies/'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_PATH', 'cookies/'); Changed to define('HTTP_COOKIE_PATH', '/'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_PATH', '/'); Will fix this: As well as fix the issue of products being sent to 2checkout and with with the simple cookie fix, we'll have the items showing in the cart, and do away with that pesky email. Geof.
  13. Greets all, With all the problems with 2checkout lately, this may be a bit redundant, but here goes. My shop primary currency is Cdn. funds, and using the new mod please the 2checkout folks..this is what I'm experiancing. First of all, it's passing the payment to 2checkout, converting it as if myprimary currency was US, but still calling it Cdn. Example....37 dollars Cdn on my site....gets passed on to 45 dollars Cdn on the 2checkout site. I hit the little flag at the top to goto US funds (which would be silly for customers to have to do, and would be taking money away from me big time) and it shows 37 dollars US. In other words, somethings not getting passed along. Also, did a test payment, and got a pleasant email from 2checkout : This is getting quite painful...... Geof.
  14. Morb

    2Checkout New Rules for sales

    I see that another addition has been added, but what OSCommerce has posted looks like babble, and they won't support. Conspiracy theory alert!!! More like they are trying to push people to use their shopping cart. End Conspiracy Alert... I concur with Tinkabell, please post if someone can figure, or is working on this. Will be very very grateful. Geof.
  15. Morb

    My (solved!) problems with Canada Post

    The one annoyance I have with Canada Post (not really a module problem) is that their regular shipping on small parcel is the same amount for regular. Now, what you can do for orders internationally that use small parcel, is disable within' the user interface on the Canada Post. You can select which types of packages you offer. If you disable it on their interface, it will not show up within' OSCommerce. Geof.