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  1. tobme

    Setting up PayPal API on my website

    I am very grateful for this highly explicit and helpful message. At present, my website does not have osCommerce installed. I am using Website Builder. I have a server with Apache Tomcat and a mySQL database but no PHP, please. I may have to wait until I meet these requirements. Thank you.
  2. tobme

    Setting up PayPal API on my website

    I am completely new to osCommerce. I have just downloaded oSC 2.3 from the mentioned link in order to get it set up anew on my website, please.
  3. I would like to set up PayPal API on my website preferably through osCommerce as recommended by PayPal for faster checkout. I downloaded an app from: https://apps.oscommerce.com/fZMiN&paypal-app on my PC but was unable to install, start or set it up. I wonder if I have downloaded the right app. I also have a problem accessing the integration guide. Please, I would appreciate if I can get help to set it up on my website. Thank you.