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    Simple Customer Invoice

    HI GUYS JUST CREATE A SIMPLE INVOICE FOR OSCOMMERCE HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT... >download this file -> invoice.php >put in the root dir ->catalog >place the following code in checkout_success.php file and the account_history_info.php file <a href="invoice.php" target="_blank" class="button">Get invoice</a> note: this code is placed right next to the buttons which are located at the bottom of the document... you might need to float it either left or right or just put it where ever you like at the bottom of the document... I REALLY HOPE TO GET SOME FEEDBACK FROM YOUR GUYS ABOUT IT
  2. Hi, After using Ultimate SEO url my clients can not longer log in, create an account nor click any buttons for that matter that would do anything. My config files are correct, everything else works fine except that part. when I revert or simply remove part of the plugin everything works well again, that is, log in, create an account and click any buttons that would do anything. I would really like to use this plugin however if there is no fix for this i would have to change it... Someone please help me Thanks