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  1. @ArtcoInc I'm going to install the latest version online and go to take a look how it runs. I also see it's a Bootstrap 4 version, so the tables are finally gone now? 😉 Yes the shop is this heavily modified that it would be horrible to upgrade or to start over again. The shop is made to automatically import new products and prices of 25 suppliers. Updates prices and stock every 2 hours. More than 25.000 products online and more than 400.000 products on the waiting list to be added to the site. Still I'm very curious on how you guys develop, do you always work on remote servers? I hate this because I constantly need to upload the files to see the changes I make, or do you do something different?
  2. Are you all developing on a remote live server? Ok I could run some linux webserver here in my local network but I think that this would give me so much extra work that this would be my last option.
  3. Hi, Thnx for your reactions. The original site is up to date and running on php 7.1 so don 't let the old text in the config file fool you! The WAMP server is only for me to start working on the site and make changes without having to upload every change to a testing environment online, this realy sucks (imo). I was hoping that someone also had this kind of problem and could help me figure out what might be wrong. So the *AMP server is not the working server, that one is a professional server (not some shared hosting thing) so please don't let those things confuse you. The blank screen of death realy is no text in the source code and no errors in the log files on the server.
  4. Last image in English 😉
  5. Hi, I downloaded the production website (HTTPS) locally on a WAMP server (HTTP) to have a testing environment. Imported the database (1 GB) and made the changes to the configuration file (yes only 1 file left with all settings, ENABLE_SSL-false etc). Since a webdeveloper changed the total website last 10 years it's not a standard OSC website anymore but I guess thats with most shops. Everything seems to work fine until I place a test order. I nearly get everything done but the browser gets stuck on a blank screen in the checkout_process.php, it won't go to the checkout_success.php page. In the admin, the order is already there, but the cart isn't empty when I go back so it's checkout process isn't finished. The blank screen pretty much annoys me because I don't see any error message, nothing in the logfiles (php/apache/mysql) either. I'm working with Visual Studio Code but I'm not familiair with debugging with it to find out where in the process the site gets stuck. Any tips/hints to check or to find out what's wrong? Or does anybody recognize the blank screen issue in checkout_process ? Thnx. Maurice