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    Chronopay system

    Yes very good company and fast services and help , i'm new to them all has been done in 24 hours and i use them good company CHRONOPAY
  2. promosat

    Metacharge payment module

    hi does any one has the module for the payment of Metacharge http://www.metacharge.com/ > Internet merchant accounts for credit and debit cards > Secure card payments over web, WAP and virtual terminal > Bespoke solutions for gaming, dating, ISP?s, mobile, music and games > Real time web based reporting featuring state-of-the-art fraud detection > Advanced premium rate SMS payments proven to deliver incremental sales > Highly competitive rates and a fast-track application process thank u for help.......... i need new payment system because paypal and worldpay close down my account with them
  3. promosat


    doe any one have the Contributions for the parcel force UK shipping module thank you