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  1. I am usining the version 1.7. and I notice that when uploading an image or create a new folder via the image manager, the script makes the file owner or directory owner as 99 and set the image to 655. If I try to change the permission with ftp on the images uploaded via the image manger, it come back with not allow change error. Is there I way that I can change these setting so that the script writes different permition owner? Thanks in advance for any insight Yiorgis.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if there is a way to limit how many levels (subcategories) to have the menu expand?
  3. I have been using it and it works great. I was wondering, if a customer is not logged in and it adds a product in the shopping cart (shopping_cart.php) can I show the price of a specific customer group in the shopping cart rather than the default price. What possible modifications could I do in the /class/shopping_cart.php to show that. Thanks in advance for you help.
  4. ...has any one gotten the Cool menu and the enable/disable contribution working together. I have cool menu working fine on the site. However, the enable/disable contribution does not work for the cool menu. Disabled categories still show up in the cool menu. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. I have it working on a MS1 site too. Like mentioned before it works fine if you take off the $listing_values['products_id'] needs to be $listing['products_id'] etc.... However, The tax price for the customer specific product does not display in the product_info.php and the confirmation page. Just a heads-up!
  6. gdfwilliams thanks for the pointer! I was wondering have you use te Multi Pickup contribution? From its description, I am not sure I understand what it actually does. Can you elaborate on it's functionality? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, here is my situation: We are building a flower e-shop that has several physical locations. What we like to do is have the user choose the location/physical store first, and then go through the purchase and check out process. Upon success of check out, we would like to have an email of the order send to the originally selected physical store's email. Is there any suggestions/contributions for doing the above? Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
  8. on admin/catagories.php when I try to edit a product, in the place of the price input box I get the following 1146 - Table 'eximvaios_catalog.table_products_groups' doesn't exist select customers_group_id, customers_group_price from TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS where products_id = '17' and customers_group_id = '1' order by customers_group_id [TEP STOP] I have deleted and create the the products_group a million times. I do not know what i am doing it the way I created the tables? do they have to be linked?...or is something in the code that throws thinks off... I do have linda's attribute handler...(and fix the separate price code to incorporate it with Linda's) ....any help on this is appreciated