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  1. What changes does this make to general.php? I have a modified version of general.php due to other modules installed, so I need to know what parts this module changes so I can make the changes manually. Thanks.
  2. Joe exists? You two should perhaps get together and compare notes, eh? gauche: I emailed you about a month ago regarding it, as well as responding to your thread, and got no answers. Figured you might be busy with the holiday season and all. I'd be glad to test either set of code, really, I just need a working post-November snapshot immediately so this site can go live. I get the feeling several of us have customers or bosses playing 'Sword of Damocles' over our heads waiting for this module to work :)
  3. Wonderful news! I too am among those desperately needing a working VeriSign module. I've got a site supposed to be going live immediately with VeriSign support required. I'll toss you an email requesting the beta code too. Bless you, rdavido :)
  4. Is there any update on the status of the VeriSign module? I'm guessing that it's delayed, since about a week from the last post would have been two weeks ago. Is there any news on when it might be ready? In the meantime, does anyone have suggestions for what to do to get a site up and running while I wait? Is there an earlier snapshot or version I should be using till then?