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  1. login to admin area not working

    Ok I tried the Edge version and still no good. The same thing happens as before. The install says it was successful so quite perplexed.
  2. login to admin area not working

    Thank you MrPhil I will try the Edge version in your link and see how it goes. Kind regards
  3. login to admin area not working

    After I type in the username and password the URL turns to www.domain.com/subdomain/admin/login.php?action=process the screen remains unchanged.
  4. login to admin area not working

    Also I am trying to run it from a subdomain. Could this be part of the problem?
  5. login to admin area not working

    Hi MrPhil is the release version for osC. No idea what the PHP version is how do I find out? Also what is the best way to uninstall and reinstall osC? Regards
  6. Hi I have just installed oscommerce for the first time but cannot seem to login to the admin area. I have noted the username and password I used during setup and when I enter these it just seems to refresh the page without any error messages showing. Clearly I have done something wrong but cannot seem to work out what it is. Can someone help? Thanks.