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  1. Goffer458

    Sitemap SEO

    problem was copying general file, i've not renamed "english" folder to "French" So i think it's missing all text variables and module can start. thank you
  2. Goffer458

    Sitemap SEO

    thank you :)
  3. Goffer458

    Sitemap SEO

    my admin folder is "data"
  4. Goffer458

    Sitemap SEO

    here's status of screen. it's when i click on link, message 500 appears
  5. Goffer458

    Sitemap SEO

    in fact, none of 3 files : sitemap_seo_box_control.php sitemap_seo_page_control.php sitemap_seo_settings_control.php can't be executed directly in admin using https://[www.mysite.com]/admin/sitemap_seo_settings_control.php
  6. Goffer458

    Sitemap SEO

    JI jack, all my install was fine, but when i click on ADMIN/SiteMap SEO, i've an error 500 .; any idea ? (oscommerce 2.2) i've choose "before 2.3" release of course i think there should be a drop down menu under title ? regards