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    I finanlly found a payment module for cybersource. I installed did a couple test orders, all worked great, when i changed over to production, It would not let me enter mastercard, it kept saying card entered was wrong... just out of a goof, I entered the test card # (41111111111111111) and that went through ok. Any guesses why it will not let a real card go through, OR how to fix this?
  2. Here is a list of problems I have incountered with the mod, any help is appreciated. When purchasing a Gift Certificate, after process order, you are directed back to the payment page, order is not getting put into database for shipping process. When using the "Welcome" Coupon that is sent out with the Welcome email apon creating an account, the code sent does the same thing, after you clikc porcess, you are directed back to the payment. When using the Admin fuction to create coupons that you manual send out, while it does says (demonstration) sub total 100.00 coupon -10.00 Total 100.00 But when you are sent to the merchant it does charge $90 also in the verification emails that are sent out, and are in the same format, Total is 100 - 10 Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. I've sifted through I don't know how many pages, and can't see any indication of my problem. I go in and buy a Gift Certificate (weight 0 , Model GIFT25 ) and download enabled. I get to the checkout, go through the process (2check out, paypal, linkpointconnect) after that, Iget forwarded back to the checkout_payment, and noything goes to the admin orders, but it does sit in the process of the merchant account. However, if I try and buy something else, it works fine. If I combined, and buy a product AND a Gift Cert. I get the same thing in forwarding back to the checkout_payment.php did I miss something??
  4. I have successfully loaded it up, no problem that I see on my test site. I will doing to the a active site, at some point today. Took less then 3 hours to install. I took the advice, and went and bought Beyond Compare.......funny, I've been doing this sort of stuff for a few years, and never heard of it. duh on me I guess. I don't drink coffee or champagne.... any other suggestions that are without caffeen or alcohol :D Thanks for the help all.
  5. Actually, that wasn't what I was talking about, some of the contribution areas, have so many entries, what do you pick from. There are so many, fixes, and "oops forgot this" bug found. I think it would be nice if old and outdated entries could be deleted by the powers that be. Sorry, off topic. Thanks for the list Steward, going to setup a work space and try it out on a dummy store.
  6. I am using osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 I found the page of contributions http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri.../search,coupons , but it is totally out of control, when you go in there, and try and find the one you want to use, when they say fixes, bugs, errors, I forgot to include this file, and updated. I have a US store, english speaking. What one do I download, that works. I dowloaded one, and it says in the installation/readme But I have added mods to the store, so I cannot, just copy over the files. And the download does not include what needs to be changed. Please advise.
  7. spherica

    LinksPointCentral Problem

    I have a site using linkspointcentral for the merchant account. I have a serious problem in when I go to order something, go through the checkout process, I get the CC info in the merchant account, but nothing is set up to the order fourm of my admin of the cart, nor do I get an meail saying there is an order, OR an order is sent out saying your transaction is beibg processed. What has been setup wrong?