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  1. I thought I'd post this step-by-step "guide" of sorts to save somebody else the hassle or apprehension of doing it himself or herself for the first time since I've had to install it three times today and consider myself an intermediate contribution installer for this one. ;) What to do before installing the Canada Post Shipping Module With Dimensions contribution First, you're going to need to call Canada Post to get an account. (which is/are free) 1-866-511-0546 options: 2 - 2 (at least it was 2, 2 the last two times I called them) they are available from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 8PM EST. You cannot get an account name/password online (so don't waste your time searching the CanadaPost.ca website). You'll then talk to one of the tech people from IBM Canada in Ottawa, they're very helpful and friendly even if most of them have never heard of osCommerce for some reason but don't let that scare you. All you need to request is an account (or accounts if you're doing multiple sites) to access their Canada Post e-commerce shipping servers. (You do not need a VentureOne account; you do not need a Canada Post Distribution Agreement Number; you do not need a Canada Post Customer Number at this point.) You will be set up with a unique username/password based on your business or the business you are making the site for. Numbers to write down / have handy Test Server IP : Production Server IP : Use common sense and don't do your testing on the production server, it makes them very sad. You will also notice that the production server is considerably faster compared to the test server when you finally go live (bonus). Download the Canada Post Shipping Module With Dimensions from the contributions section. Unpack it; upload it to your server (inside includes/modules/shipping) Log into your admin section, Modules/Shipping - select Canada Post from the list Change: Enter Your Canada Post Customer ID from CPC_CANADA_POST to CPC_WHATEVER_YOUR_USER_NAME_IS (use all CAPS) Save your settings (don't enable this module yet; make sure it's still a red light in the list) Now, log onto the Canada Post developers website: Your username and password provided by Canada Post will be the same until you change your password by logging into this site. Now configure your shipping options/features you want to offer from your store on the Canada Post developers site. This will take you about 30-45 minutes to complete it all (if you are not the business owner, you might not know all of this information so get your contact either on the phone when you need it or on an IM during the process -- most clients won't be able to configure much of this themselves as they will become quickly confused by the terminology). IMPORTANT ITEMS: General Settings: - Input the Postal Code where packages will ship FROM - if this is wrong your rates will not be correct - Change Sell Online Status to: Test Password Change: Change your password Everything else is initially not as important as those two fields to get you up and started with testing -- but you must eventually set them all up properly, as once you've finished your testing phase you will have to call Canada Post again (1-866-511-0546) to activate your account to "Production" status. Handling Fee: You can set this on the Canada Post server, or you can handle it within OSCommerce - your choice (be careful you don't double-charge a handling fee) Add/Modify/Delete Boxes: You can set up to 5 different default box sizes and Canada Post will combine your items into whatever (smallest) box your multiple items will fit into when it calculates your shipping charges based on size and weight. (It's pretty common to have only 5 primary box sizes in a warehouse, and Canada Post actually only calculates rates based on 5 box sizes regardless of your actual package dimensions -- so don't sweat it if you have 20 different shipping container sizes.) The tech guy I talked to at IBM said the server knew 5 default sizes anyway so I'm not positive you need to edit this or not (better safe than sorry imho). Note: "Commercial" rates on the Canada Post server assume you have a Venture One card, if you don't you should call Canada Post (or stop by your post office) and apply for one -- it's free and it saves you 10% of most shipping methods (it adds up). Now, once you have it installed, configured, and are ready to test, it is strongly recommended that you use the following link and test each "real world" case example for all your orders to ensure things are set up properly BEFORE using the live server. Test cases recommended by Canada Post to try BEFORE switching to production server. You should be good to go if your tests appear to be giving you the correct pricing (you can confirm this manually by going to the Canada Post website: http://www.canadapost.ca/business/prodserv/sp/default-e.asp ). Once you're confident that the rates it's returning to your site are correct call Canada Post to get your status changed to "Production" -- you'll now need to go into your admin in OSCommerce (Modules/Shipping/Canada Post) and change the IP to the production server, and go back to the Canada Post site and change your status to Live/EnProduction. Hopefully somebody finds this useful and it helps take the worry off setting up this module for the first time. :) Note: You may also want to add the Canada Post Package Tracking contribution to your site as a handy feature for your customers and yourself (it will make your site appear even more professional).
  2. Which version of OSCommerce are you using? You should see product dimensions near the bottom of each product you add (in your admin section in the products table). You have to add dimensions for each item in your catalog as well as its weight. The CPC Shipping module will take care of figuring out which is more weight or volumetric weight and return the higher value automatically (it adds up all your products). Maybe OSCommerce doesn't have product dimensions by default? I forget, I haven't installed a vanilla OSCommerce in a while so I apologize if I'm incorrect on this assumtion! I usually install my own modded up variety when I do a new site -- it saves me a lot of trouble. :) If you don't see dimensions for each unique product in your catalog admin section, you'll have to apply a mod (I think Product Dimensions is the one you're looking for in that instance). Then, on the Canada Post website in your account admin there you can set up whatever your regular shipping container size is, or if you use different box sizes you can set up multiple container sizes there -- it will then determine which sized box you'll be shipping when an order is submitted (it also knows if/when you need to use more than one box, and it also knows if you have an item that is larger than your set up shipping containers and will ship that item seperately (and check which is greater, volumetric weight or actual weight and charge the higher of the two).
  3. Uh, I'm not the author of the Canada Post Contribution. :) I thought I sent you a private message a month ago regarding your post, maybe I forgot to hit send before I closed tabs or something. I'm not willing to offer support on the forums for this module as I simply don't have the time to devote to it, and again... it's not my module and there's probably a support thread on these forums for it! But I'm happy to answer if/when I can. You have a setting in your administration section on your oscommerce website. Modules -> Shipping Select Canada Post (if you don't see the Canada Post module here as an option, you didn't install it correctly, many people forget to upload the module itself to the correct folders) On the right side of the screen you'll see Canada Post Parcel Service Enable CanadaPost Shipping True Enter CanadaPost Server IP Enter CanadaPost Server Port 30000 Enter Selected Language-optional en Enter Your CanadaPost Customer ID CPC_THE_ACCOUNT_YOU_SET_UP Enter Turn Around Time(optional) 24 Tax Class WHATEVER_YOUR_TAX_CLASS_IS Shipping Zone --none-- The red IP address is the test server address... once you are finished testing with the test server, change that to the production server IP. I assumed this step would be pretty obvious to anyone that followed the instructions included with the Canada Post Shipping Module Contribution or the Canada Post Shipping Module with Dimensions Contribution. It is very important to ensure that port 30000 is open on your webserver. Most shared hosting environments will have this port closed by default. Your ISP/WebHost will simply open up ports when somebody requests it (that's the way linux/apache is installed & managed these days). Most errors people have with this module can be attributed to Port 30000 being blocked by your server or by missing a step in the installation instructions. Be sure you send your webhost a support ticket asking to have port 30000 open if you run into issues. Regards.
  4. Some new information: Canada Post recently changed their policy, you now are required to either have a Venture One account or a commercial account before you can get set up with their shipping service. You also must now ensure that your web server has port 30000 open. If you are not sure how to do this, contact your webhost and have them take care of it. Most webhosting companies disable all ports by default and then open the ones most commonly used (21, 80, etc), so the majority of webhosts out there will most likely have to configure their servers to allow port 30000 if you want to use the Canada Post Shipping Module(s). I just ran into these two new issues with a new client's site and thought I should mention it.
  5. This contribution is also broken in one place (line 77) if you are using MS2.1 (You will get this error on checkout: Origin postal code is illegal ) Change this: this->_canadapostOrigin(SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP, $country_name['countries_iso_code_2']); To this: this->_canadapostOrigin(STORE_ORIGIN_ZIP, $country_name['countries_iso_code_2']); If you are using MS2.2 you need to leave it as (it works fine as is with SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP in the latest version of this contribution). I just ran across this on the 3rd site I was updating (this site is not using MS2.2). Thought it was worth noting.
  6. Rats, I didn't realise I couldn't edit the above post after I submitted it. Regarding the TIME allowed for your oscommerce site to connect and get shipping information from Canada Post: There is a 30 second default time limit for server to server connections, it is not editable nor changeable. This should be ample time for anyone running a Canadian (or USA) based website (unless you're hosting with a hokey webhost or you do not have a decent connection to your own server). If you keep timing out to the live (production) server, I'd think about looking for a new webhost for your OSCommerce website.
  7. Something to edit what is displayed, and what is required, on the account sign up page. The mod that exists for this obviously is for versions preceeding November because it just generates errors (zones are undefined, line 499). Does this exist in an updated, and most importantly - working, version? Thanks!
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