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  1. Mooligan

    Automated Auction Process

    Not for another 20 minutes, dont tell me what happens! Anyone know why my auctionout doesn't seem to be accepting any email address I enter in there, it just keeps telling me invalid address. I created an auction, used one of my accounts to buy it but it won't accept that accounts email address. Thoughts?
  2. Mooligan

    Automated Auction Process

    Ah of course..I don't use the standard admin path, thanks once again. I
  3. Mooligan

    Automated Auction Process

    I got my updating to work by dropping and re-inserting the table as well. One question though, I receive this error when I attempt to go to auctionout.php Warning: main(admin/includes/functions/get_auction_info.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/auctionout.php on line 62 Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'admin/includes/functions/get_auction_info.php' (include_path='.:/php/includes:/usr/share/php') in /var/www/html/auctionout.php on line 62 Is this a cURL problem?
  4. Mooligan

    Automated Auction Process

    Sorry disregard my previous question/problem. I was under the impression that this automatically pulled my auctions off of eBay, I did not realize I had to manually enter each auction in the Auction listing admin section first. I suppose i should have rtfm eh :blink:
  5. Mooligan

    Automated Auction Process

    Another note, curl --help shows its version 7.9.5, and I do not have the manual ebay manager installed.
  6. Mooligan

    Automated Auction Process

    My Current Auctions does not appear to be grabbing the info from ebay. I am not 100% sure if I have curl installed or not, its not listed in my site administrator, and my host doesn't 'think' its installed. However, from the bash prompt of my server, I appear to be able to enter curl commands, is this enough to indicate curl is installed? If curl wasn't installed would these be my symptoms; it says its updating my list but doesn't grab it? Or would i have had problems before I got this far.. Thanks.
  7. Mooligan

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    I've been watching this thread for awhile, I'd gladly give it a try, checked the contribution library, haven't uploaded it yet? Latest I saw was November 23.
  8. Mooligan

    "main categories" problem

    I had this same question awhile back, your answers are here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...8348&highlight= Both on where to put the code, and a link I provide towards the bottom will solve your foreach() problem. HTH Mooligan.
  9. Mooligan

    Featured Products

    Thanks for posting the solution to your own question, as it fixed my error as well for a different contrib Cheers
  10. This contribution http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ions,236/page,3 It hasn't been updated in awhile (November 2002) and it looks like the default.php has changed since he wrote the documentation on how to install it. The problem I have is with step 3: The section that it tells me to look for in default.php doesn't seem to exist anymore? Is there somewhere else I should put that little tidbit of code? Or maybe there is another contribution that serves the same purpose, rather than the front page having the New Product Box, have a browse by category box. I looked around and didn't see anything.. Thanks!
  11. Your little fix worked for me thanks! I guess its only fair I help you! Check out this post for your error http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...t=41268&start=0 :D
  12. Mooligan

    Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0

    Im still searching ravenously for a credit card solution for my site. Worldpay seems popular, plus it would appear to have a great contribution, but isn't it pricey? I just received a quotation from them: Setup Fee $450 CAD Monthly Fee $60 (Includes 3 free currencies) US$ to US$ 3.25% + Per Transaction Fee $0.60 Multi-currency Transactions 5.25% + no per trans fee This seemed a bit high to me..plus there are administrative fees on top of that, any thoughts?
  13. Mooligan

    Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0

    ahhh I see, I didn't realize thats what the purpose of worldpay and other external sites was, to avoid a merchant account. Thats definately good to know...
  14. Mooligan

    Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0

    Just tested, pretty nice, I sent them a request for pricing earlier this afternoon. How do they compare to Echo? Also, are there ways to set up merchant accounts without having to actually go to their site for the payment? A way in which the customer never leaves your site?