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  1. hmmm..do you have a php file and/or line number with this error ? I never got this so no idea where the problem could be. Didier. Didier No filename or script error at all reported, just when I ckick on checkout from a created account or without an account. Updateas of 19/07/2004 :- have rolled back even further to basic level without PWA installed, original scripts etc and most database updates removed and it still causes the same fault! Am now resorting to complete scrub and starting again to rebuild from new site.
  2. I have installed v8 of this contribution and am having apretty major issue wherby I get the following error after clicking on 'proceed to checkout' or after I have completed and order and added cc info and confirm checkout No input file specified. I've rolled back to ver 7.1 and still have this error, I suspect it's a database mod but can't find it anywhere - can anyone help or suggest a fix? Thanks to all G
  3. All re-installed but am now getting'Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in C:\Program Files\Icode\Everest\eCommerce\Shop Administrator\broadbandstore\includes\languages\english.php on line 323' these lines are simple statements and can't see anything missing etc. Anyone know how to correct this?
  4. Thanks for the replies, unfortunately I have tried both suggestions and cannot get any payment option to be displayed, I'm going to go back one step and see what caused the problem, maybe then I can decipher what's happening - I'll keep you posted.
  5. Just installed this for the first time, went through all the routine etc, no problem, then came to check my site and now there's no payment method at all... I've gone back to the original site and uploaded original files, went through it again, exactly the same - where am I going wrong - absolutely any help appreciated.