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  1. srcax

    Security Message

    yes, there is a REFRESH button, but nothing change after press it, and the alert message is still on in the Admin panel. Some one knows what that message refers to ? thanks !
  2. srcax

    Security Message

    yes... but SECURYTY CHECKS is empty, theres is nothing to be done there. I take the opportunity to tell you that i recently install RESPONSIVE 2.3.4 Edge, but it didnt work. I replace the files again. (the Admin panel went blank) thanks !
  3. srcax

    Security Message

    Hallo ! there is an alert that it appears in the Admin panel > It has been over 30 days since the extended security checks were last performed. Please re-run the extended security checks under Tools -> Security Checks. i dont know how to fix it. Thanks for your help !