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  1. harborsales

    Dangling Carrot (Free Gift/Discount Contrib)

    Does anyone know if this mod will work with Oscommerce CRE 6.1? This is just a highly moded version. Thanks' Mike
  2. We would like a couple of mods installed and we are looking for someone to do this. We are running MS2 Max (template system) so some of the code might need to be modified to work with Max. If anyone is interested pm me and I will give you more information on the mods we want installed and then we can discuss qualifications and payment. Thank you Mike
  3. harborsales

    [Contribution] Login Page a la Amazon

    Gary I was wondering what you did to get this contribution to work with the BTS Basic Template system? Mike
  4. harborsales

    International shipping question

    We want to start offering our products to international customers, but the problem we are having is shipping options. Is it possible to only show international shipping rates when an international customers checks out? We offer UPS for domestic shipping only so we don't want that option to show up for international customers just USPS international rates. Does anyone if this is possible and if so how can I achieve this? Thanks to anyone who can help me. Mike
  5. I installed the Extra Page Contribution And when I click on the page maker link in my admin I get the following: Access Denied No Right Permission Access Please contact your Web Administrator to request more access or if you found any problem Does anyone know why I am getting this and how I can fix it? Thanks Mike
  6. I installed the contribution and I get my main thumbnail plus the second thumbnail for the product but when you click on them I get nothing. I've tried every possible thing but I can not figure it out. I can find the images if I type them in directly Example: Main Thumb Images/Thumbs Images/Images_big Can anyone tell me what could be wrong I am at my wits end here. Thank you MIke
  7. harborsales

    [Contribution] Dynamic MoPics

    I know it has been months since the last post but would anybody be willing to help me? I have the contrubition istalled, my pictures are in the correct files and format but all I get is "coming soon" on my listings. If anyone is willing to help me I would very much appreciate it. Mike
  8. I am sure this is not the correct spost to post this, I am sorry for that. I am looking for someone to install either the MoPics or Dynamic MoPics contribution on our site. We are running MS1 snapshot from 02/03 If anyone is willing to do this PM me and let me know your experience on installing contributions and your price Thank you Mike
  9. harborsales

    mopics contribution

    We want to install the more_pics_6 contribution to our store. It states it is for MS2 but will it work with MS1? Or does anyone know of another contribution similar to this one that will work with MS1? Thanks Mike
  10. harborsales

    Free Gift contrib ?

    Annette If you figure this contribution out please let me know. The instructions are a little confusing. Mike
  11. harborsales

    Recover Cart Sales

    It's late and I'm tired so this is probably a stupid question. In the readme instructions it has the following: 4 a) **FOR MS2 ONLY GOTO STEP 5** Edit /catalog/admin/includes/filenames.php and add: define('FILENAME_RECOVER_CART_SALES', 'recover_cart_sales.php'); define('FILENAME_REPORT_RECOVER_CART_SALES', 'stats_recover_cart_sales.php'); define('FILENAME_CATALOG_LOGIN', 'login.php'); 4b) **FOR MS1 ONLY GOTO STEP 6** Edit /catalog/admin/includes/application_top.php and add: define('FILENAME_RECOVER_CART_SALES', 'recover_cart_sales.php'); define('FILENAME_REPORT_RECOVER_CART_SALES', 'stats_recover_cart_sales.php'); define('FILENAME_CATALOG_LOGIN', 'login.php'); define('TABLE_SCART', 'scart'); So does this mean if I am running MS1 I would skip 4a and goto 4b? Sorry for this question Mike
  12. harborsales

    Automated Auction Process

    Smitty Yes I have read the manual and it does show the correct endtime. I use the winning email address that is in the admin section but I still get the error of incorrect email address. Now when I go back into current auctions the status of this auction is now completed. Thank you for all the help and advice you have given me.
  13. harborsales

    Automated Auction Process

    Smitty I changed to Pacific Time Zone and then updated but I still does not recognize the email that is registered with Ebay. Where and how do I manually change the end time? Thanks for all the help Mike
  14. harborsales

    Automated Auction Process

    I'm in Pacific Time Zone. How and where do I change the 3 to 0 to make Pacific Time Zone? Thanks
  15. harborsales

    Automated Auction Process

    The end time was updated at ebay and admin Admin: End: 2004-01-03 03:23:07 Ebay: Ended: Jan-03-04 00:23:07 PST Do you have any idea what could be causing this? Mike