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  1. It works! Customer data looks to be inserted from custom code, the entry_country_id column is 0, which defaults to afghan, that the cart doesn't like. Changing all the fields to 223 (US) all the customers are now showing in the back-end and can be edited. Working default/stock /admin! Step 1 complete. -Robert
  2. Yeah, I've been exporting the data only, making any custom table adjustments and importing. I have all the data now in a 2.3.4 osC. And the /Admin is working, except for 2 issues. The customers, they show on the summary page, but clicking the edit but gives me a blank. When I examine the URL from a working customer (the one I added) vs the existing ones, the url is missing the cID? It's like it's not there, but it definately is in the table. Here's what a working url looks like clicking [edit]: https://xyz.com/admin/customers.php?search=testlast&page=1&cID=95992&action=edit And the broken one: https://xyz.com/admin/customers.php?search=Stoeger&page=1&cID=&action=edit The edit button's URL is missing cID???? The table entries look the same, it's almost as if there's no index or something is messing with pulling up an old cust. I've anaylzed/repaired all the tables just to be sure indexes are rebuilt too. Very strange. Lots of progress at least as far as the 'stock' cart and existing data. Any ideas why those customers aren't showing now in admin? Thanks! -Robert
  3. Ok, products are working, double clicking a Category drills down to all the products(I must have missed that)! Now just customer's summary... and at least osC has a DB the stock /admin can see.
  4. Yes, the site looks like it initially borrowed osC capabilities to store products and process a CC transaction. The front-end isn't anywhere near a shopping cart, it's all custom code to access the DB and present a multiple-choice test (a "product", the product table has a blob added containing answers) to the user and if they pass, they get billed in order to have a certificate mailed to them. I planned to basically get the /admin part working with the AIM module and then work on the front-end. When you say "using the upgrade SQL files", where are those? I must have missed them in the install directory. The front-end does still require a user registration, appears to use osCs methods to insert the customer into DB so it can keep track of products/tests purchased. So far I've done a combination of both above. I've been able to export all the data from the old DB (without structure) to the new DB. Taking note of errors, modifying the table to add custom columns and rerunning again. Some of the stuff that throws me is the config table looks like it has module permissions added there, I had to insert code into that (recommended from another post) to get admin logins working as I was getting the 5 minute lock out message. So far with all this step-by-step I have the /admin site working (kinda), the products and customers are there, but some columns are blank. I can add items to a cart with the stock osC front-end, but when I try to check out and register the registration page has no fields on it. I feel I'm really close! Re temp VM: I started to install an new VM, but my OS of choice(FreeBSD) no longer has a php53 port. I'd prefer to get this working on a modern cPanel anyways, but if I have to I'll look into Centos or other os that can do php53 (last version allowing register globals) and go with that as a temp measure while working with this. I still have a couple of weeks at least. -Robert
  5. I've thought about doing that, I have my own cabinet in a telco and a VMware environment. I could spin up something old if needed, I'm surprised with his current environment of php4 and register globals, the site hasn't been hacked. It looks like the backend is really the only thing used for product management, the front-end files includes some osC files for DB connectivity and checkout, but all the regular osC files are removed, so I think it's not all that bad. There are custom rows added into the tables too. I actually had the system up last night, at least osC wise, but the page to login had no fields in it. I made notes what I did to that point, deleted it all and starting again from scratch later today. I'm leaning toward a fresh install then import just customers/products to existing tables. Or do I only need to run the sql alters that are noted in the upgrade.pdf file to make compatible? Thanks for your help! -Robert
  6. Okay, first let's get this behind. YES, I know it needs updating. But that's not an short-term option, I *DO* plan to update. The situation is; I have a customer (I'm an ISP) that has been told his previous ISP is shutting his server down, with very little notice. I can see why the server needs to go, it's running a VERY OLD cPanel without updates and actually php 4! He has 15 days to move the site. The initially clone over to my servers of course has no chance in hell of working. Starting off with Global Register ON in his php 4 environment. No way is that happening here, but my it's not possible anyways as my earliest version of PHP is the latest 5.6.X. I've done a few hours of searching and reading, but figured I'd post to see what I'm missing. Is there a way first to get 2.2RC1 working with php5.6 and a how-to somewhere? I know what's basically needs to be done, I've just never worked with OsC (mostly Joomla, WP, Zencart) and if it's been done before I'd rather not spend hours figuring it out again. There are lots of custom columns in the tables and the front-end is basically not the standard cart (it's not really even a cart). OsC from what I can tell has been used as a back-end product DB with a front-end specific to customer needs. So I don't really need the front-end modified/updated, I'll fix in deprecated errors there. Once I get him working, I won't be on such a timeline crunch to get him to the latest version or migrate him to something else. If there are some posts/how-to can someone help me with that as well? Much Appreciate, Thank you all! -Robert
  7. sactobob

    Authorize.net Consolidated v1.7 by Austin519

    Authorize.net disabled tls 1.0/1.1 for us on 3/1. When you say "please don't tell me to upgrade..." that's a tough thing to avoid. Because to get tls 1.2 openssl requirements almost inevitably means upgrades of software that then may require osc updates. . OpenSSL has to be something updated on the server as well, not locally on your website. I've worked with a few customers facing this and have an short-term alternative. Basically I put up a proxy server that instead of pointing your transactions to Authorize.net, point it to the proxy and the proxy funnels all requests (tls 1.2 complaint) between the end-points. I'm sure not PCI complaint, but it works. -Robert