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  1. sunil.sahoo

    Automatic command line installation

    Hello MrPhill, I want a command line installer. I'm working on a project that require multiple time installation. And i want to automate that task with cron or bash script. This will be installed on aws/googleCloud linux servers in docker containers not windows servers. So i'm not working with cpanel. What exactly i'm trying to accomplish is something like opencart cli-install. If that's not possible option 2:- How can i pass data to the form inputs with curl and press continue buttons from command prompt e.g curl -d DB_SERVER="" -d DB_SERVER_USERNAME="root" -d DB_SERVER_PASSWORD="mariaSql" -d DB_DATABASE="oscom" -d DB_TABLE_PREFIX="osc_" -X POST install.php && curl -d HTTP_WWW_ADDRESS="" -d DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT="/var/www/html/" -X POST install.php?step=2 && curl -d CFG_STORE_NAME="oscom-store" -d CFG_STORE_OWNER_NAME="Sunil" -d CFG_STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS="admin@oscom.com" -d CFG_ADMINISTRATOR_USERNAME="admin" -d CFG_ADMINISTRATOR_PASSWORD="socomAdmin" -d TIME_ZONE="Africa/Accra" -X POST install.php?step=3 Thank you for your time, Have a nice day.
  2. Hi there, Can anyone help me to automate the installation process through command line? I want to automate the installation process with 1 command, could be php or curl by passing data required in manual installation pages. I didn't find a way to do it.