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  1. Another "can't send mail" thread

    Thanks for the responses, but my host got it working. I asked him what he did so I could make a note of it, and he said, "I just fat fingered something when I whitelisted your site." So he typed it correctly and everything works now.
  2. BS Everything was working perfectly, until I was forced to switch hosts. They did a full backup, saving everything exactly as it was, including databses and c-panel configuration, etc... Now, on new server/host, webmail works, (sending and receiving), but absolutely nothing from the shop works. Contact Us doesn't work, e-mail customer from admin doesn't work, I don't receive extra email after orders are made, customers don't receive a copy of their order, etc... Everything is the exact same in the My Store setup, as well as the e-mail options (sendmail, LF, true, false, true) New server is PHP 7, while the old host had me on PHP 5.something, might that be it? New hosts are trying to help, I guess..."Well, we whitelisted something, there shouldn't be a problem..." I don't know why they can't run a test or look for sending errors or something...I'm not seeing anything bouncing back to my default mail address, so I don't know if anything is sending or what........... Does anybody have any experience with this? Or know what I can suggest my new hosts do? If so, thanks in advance..... bc
  3. Modular Shopping Cart

    Thanks, I appreciate that.
  4. Modular Shopping Cart

    Yes, I saw that about font awesome 5, I thought that might have something to do with it, which is why I included it in the quote in my post. But if that's the way those images are supposed to look, OK, I just thought they were broken images, weird and silly looking compared to the older ones. Anyway, on my old site I had the older version of this addon, I'm rebuilding a new site, so I used this most recent version of Modular Shopping Cart. If I just need the older images, should I uninstall and re-install the older version of the addon, or is there an easier way to just replace those images? I tried to find a way to replace just those images, but couldn't do it.....
  5. Modular Shopping Cart

    I updated to this version, and noticed the refresh and delete buttons were different and weird, did I mess up something? Because the older (stock) buttons seemed better. I'll include pics if I can.....
  6. I'm not clear.....after reading about that twitter typehead addon, does it do what the poster above you described? As far as searching in product descriptions as well as product titles?
  7. Image Zoom for 2.3.4BS

    I have not found anything that lets a customer zoom/magnify a product image besides the MagicZoom site that supposedly has made it work specifically for OSCommerce: https://www.magictoolbox.com/oscommerce/#magiczoom Has anyone used this, specifically on the 2.3.4bs version of oscommerce? Is there anything else, or anything better? Any thoughts or experiences (about this) appreciated........
  8. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    OK, I have completely removed everything related to this addon, re-installed it to the T (uploaded all new stuff in catalog folder where my shop is located), run the SQL thing, set permissions on the 8 sitemap files to 0755, which is the same as my images folder, changed nothing in admin, just left default stuff, and when I go to http://MY-DOMAIN.com/catalog/googlesitemap/index.php the page is just blank. So I go to admin and enable diagnostic output. I have read the install instructions, and I can't see where I'm supposed to even find where these errors should be located. Instructions just say: If the sitemaps fail to generate, enable the diagnostic option in the settings and try again. If the error isn't obvious at that point, post the problem, along with the diagnostic output in the support thread. I'm sure this is obvious to someone, but not me. Last time I spent an hour or so trying to read this entire thread and acting on the help given, you said I was reading old stuff that doesn't apply to 2.3.4bs. Can you at least tell me what page of this 67 page thread starts applying to what's going on now? I keep thinking I have downloaded the wrong thing that is missing any actual instructions, but every time I look, the only thing I can find to download is version 1.11, which seems like a complete package. Anyway, if anyone knows what I'm missing, I'd appreciate it.
  9. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Thanks, yeah, that's been an ongoing problem for me. What still applies? What's different? Some 2.2 stuff is compatible with 2.3.4bs, some not. Any questions tend to result in replies like, "There's a support thread, just RTFT." OK, but unless a new thread is started for 2.3.4bs, this is a 67 page thread, and silly people like me get twisted in circles not knowing what, if anything, in this thread (or any other) is outdated or still information worth following. Thanks for clearing this part up for me, though, I appreciate it.......
  10. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I guess I misunderstood this part a few pages ago in this thread......
  11. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Thanks, appreciate it. And am I correct that if it isn't permitted by my host to have safe mode disabled, I will be unable to get this addon to function properly?
  12. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I looked at the SQL file and assumed it would be obvious what to remove from the database, or where it would be, but unfortunately I'm stupider than I had previously suspected, and can't see where/what to remove manually from the db. Here is a pic of what I didn't describe well, that shows duplicate instances or whatever of this thing in my admin:
  13. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Looks like I must have run the sql twice, or maybe had an older version still in the database from when I upgraded everything from 2.2 to 2.3.4bs, because I have Google XML SEO listed twice in my catalog admin's configuration section. How can I delete one of them from the db? I think I did other stuff wrong as well, as I can't get the sitemap's index.php to even show up, I get a 404 not found error page.......I think I'll uninstall everything and start over........Any help on uninstalling from the db appreciated in advance, if anyone can help....
  14. I don't understand this sentence, can you say a little more? And why did these errors only show up now, after no problems for several weeks of building this new site, I wonder?
  15. I understand that customer's information is stored in the orders table/section, but in this case, I called the customer and she said it just "kicked her out" of the checkout process every time she tried to complete the order, but OK, maybe she's silly and doesn't know how to place an order......