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  1. Header Tags SEO

    Thanks for you anwsers but is it possibel to change the titel only to show up on the titel and not the catogorie page to ? and i am using V 3.3.2 so i need to upgrade to 3.3.5 soon to. here you see the catogory titel just toners and the titel tag with 60 caracters and here the titel how i want to have it to if it can be done on oscommerce
  2. Header Tags SEO

    i am using the titel tag but it showing on the catogory page to this a bug or can i change this look the image's here i add the titel tag then it show up here on the catogry page on the h1 and on the titel and i only want it to show on the titel so i have not 65 words text for the catogory name and here on the titel
  3. Header Tags SEO

    I have a quistion i dont want to have the Default Titel and meta desription on every catogorie how can i delete it so it not showing up on the page where i dont want it test titel test test test - default titel after test titel test test test <- good thanks
  4. oscommerce live chat whatsapp

    Let’s make your Web page visitors Contact you through WhatsApp chat anybody know if this possibel for oscommerce to ?
  5. Header Tags SEO quistion

    yes this i mean
  6. Header Tags SEO quistion

    thanks for the reply <?php /*** Begin Header Tags SEO ***/ if (tep_not_null($category['categories_htc_description'])) { echo '<h2 style="text-decoration:none;">' . $category['categories_htc_description'] . '</h2>'; } found it on index.php but i always learned h1 text h2 text that way but if the text have the h2 it dont mind to ? And next time i will posted it on the addon thread
  7. redirect from HTTP to HTTP error

    i have a quistion socomtactical.net wich module do you use for you urls i have displays-samengesteld-c-248_209 on my urls and you have ammo-and-gas thanks
  8. Header Tags SEO quistion

    i using header tags seo and the catgorie page have a catogorie title h1 after some text have h2 and this not good ? how can i change this so its normal text. Thanks
  9. order add email adres to it

    i have find the awnser on this page http://multimixer.gr/26/11/2010/add-customers-phone-and-email-to-the-order-confirmation-email/
  10. order add email adres to it

    When somebody have placed a order on the webshop. i get a email with the order total and the shipping adres. do somebody know how i can add the email adres to it ? Thanks
  11. osCsid cookie

    got it i changed define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'www.yourdomain.com'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'www.yourdomain.com');
  12. osCsid cookie

    i have changed my webshop to ssl and i have changed everything and it work good but i have a couple strange things and i have found out what happens but i dont know how i can change this. on my webshop without ssl it have 7 cookie's include oscid cookie on my new ssl webshop it have 6 cookie's and the oscid cookie sitting on the url see image url. how can i change this that the url not have the cookie but it display where the other cookies are to. i am using version
  13. new products change

    thanks i have find it great.
  14. new products change

    i have 9 new products showing on the homepage from the shop. I want to change this to 3 or to 6 do somebody know how i can change this to max 6 or 3 products. thanks for the help
  15. catgory image's change shrink

    thanks for you awnser i have done it yesterday and it works great i have the new result on the image thank you