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  1. jmelson

    need help with USPS

    Thanks much for the reply, Burt. But, it seems osCmax doesn't have such a field in that menu. I'll look to see if it is someplace else. Thanks again, Jon
  2. I am using the USPS Rate V4 Intl Rate V2 , updates as of $Mod: USPS API changes 20160119 a.forever $ in osCmax, and it seems to work. But, I need to add insurance to domestic Priority and International Priority. I have tried the N, S and H checkbuttons, but they have no effect. There are insurance checkbuttons for extra services, both domestic and international, but none specifically for Priority. Anyway, no matter what settings of the N, S H Insurance buttons are set, the USPS quote for domestic postage is always the same (too low). Am I doing anything wrong? Is there an option or update that will fix this? Thanks, Jon
  3. jmelson

    need help with USPS

    Hello, I've been using osCmax for a decade, but having trouble with their USPS module, I thought I'd try osCommerce. Install went very easily, then I enabled the default USPS module and configured it. (Funny, osCmax didn't ask for the USPS password, but osCommerce does, so I entered it). Now, when I try a checkout with a domestic address, I get "Shipping is currently not available for the selected shipping address." Obviously, a configuration mistake, but I have no idea what to do. I have it set to Shipping Zone "none". I do have 2 tax zones set up, has that somehow messed up the shipping? This is osCommerce just downloaded on 1/14/2018. Anyway, if I need to install an add-on for this, can somebody point me to the right one(s)? There seem to be a LOT of add-ons for USPS. I need to be able to ship domestic priority and priority international, at least, with insurance. Thanks very much, Jon