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  1. spacegremlin

    shop auto create accounts

    thanks for the info. glad its not oscommerce only. i only do not see the fun for this to do. im gonna check this.
  2. spacegremlin

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2 - download

    hi would like to have a link. question, will the final be a free, or paid version thank you. greetings.
  3. spacegremlin

    shop auto create accounts

    does anyone know what i can do about this, this is a while i have this problem, but something is creating accounts in my shop day by day then i get something like this as costumers Geinstalleerde Versie: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 CE Klanten Datum Passive income more $304 in 36 minutes ___ http://tjbrfn0.illuviume.com/bd38205 ___ Earning from home with income more $375 in 33 minutes ___ http://x60z6u.illuviume.com/465a8d ___GK 30/04/2022 Davidtrige DavidtrigeTE 30/04/2022 MichaelMuh MichaelMuhOC 30/04/2022 Online earnings more $215 in 10 minutes ___ https://telegra.ph/Elon-Musk-showed-how-to-earn-from-2818681-04-28?id30263 ___ With this application you will earn from $226 in 16 minutes ___ https://telegra.ph/Elon-Musk-showed-how-to-earn-from-2446994-04-28?id42814 ___GK 30/04/2022 Austinwat AustinwatGH 30/04/2022 GilbertMup GilbertMupID 30/04/2022
  4. spacegremlin

    shipping cost values

    i have it on zero. because this is the weight of your envelop. and afcourse there needs to be a value that i understand. but even so , my thinking is. if that would be zero. and i use the value above it still needs to be 0-19 gram = 0.90euro cent, and 20-50 = 1.80 eurocent then if the tara weight would be 10gram i have a item that is 8gram, the total is 18gram so the cost are 0,90 because i have an handle fee of 0,30 eurocent. the total would be 1,20 euro cent or am i total thinking wrong from the start im using oscommerce, and thats i think 5 years or longer, i never got it to work correctly.
  5. spacegremlin

    shipping cost values

    thats a typo error in this forum from me i used 5:0.90,20:1.80 but can anyone tell me why this isnt calculating the correct shipping amount?
  6. spacegremlin

    shipping cost values

    hi, im not sure but i believe i have the version responsive if correct thats EDGE i think? in the shipping table i have 5:0.90,20:1,80 i work on weight i do not get the shipping cost correct, what ever i try. so i say on the product, the weight is 5 then i buy one i assume i get costs of 0,90 euro if i buy 5 i assume i get 1,80euro because 5 x 5 is 25 so you go to the next step but whatevery i try, it doesn do what i want. thank you.
  7. hi, question, i run the 2.3.4

    but maybe i need to update to phoenix, what is your say.

    and is it possible for me to intergrate my msql in there?

  8. hoi had jij mij van de week geholpen op het forum.


    zo ja, klopt het dat het nu ineens .com is


    en dat mijn topic ook pleite is , bedankt.