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  1. chary22

    Custom.css and User.css

    Thank you Phil. It was actually a permission issue. Although the while containing folder was set to Readable but I had to make the user.css file specifically readable too. Thank again.
  2. chary22

    Custom.css and User.css

    Thank you Dan, I just added a very small portion of code in user.css like this: .navbar-inverse { background-color: #85393b; border-color: #85393b; } The same code in custom.css works fine. Thanks again.
  3. chary22

    Custom.css and User.css

    Thanks Frank for your reply. Unfortunately, it's not a refresh issue. Changes made in custom.css (just for testing) are shown but nothing from user.css !! Any other idea?
  4. chary22

    Custom.css and User.css

    Hi, In 2.4.2 version, the user.css seems not to be taken into consideration. I made some changes in user.css related to navbar-default but nothing is actually shown. Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, I just copied the files in the related forlders but the module is not displayed in Legacy-> Modules -> Content . Any idea where is the problem? Thanks for any reply.