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  1. big_goals

    Falcon Heavy launch

    I thought this is clickbait when I saw it on YouTube! I can't believe it is real, this is on a whole another level
  2. big_goals

    Alternatives to PayPal for Payment

    I haven't had much experience with alternatives because I am a fan of PayPal. However, I also heard that a good alternative is Payoneer, it works in a majority of countries worldwide but is only effective for Credit card users, so I don't know to what extent it will be helpful for you. If this platform is not a suitable one you can find more information on this piece, where some comparisons of several alternatives can be seen. There is only one option for a debit card and it is Skrill, has anyone heard some more info on this system?
  3. big_goals

    Newbie sorta... New Site

    Oh yeah, I've actually seen your site. When are you relaunching it?
  4. Okay, so I am new do this and these and I don't get what should we do exactly to be protected. I guess I have to read the whole thread.
  5. big_goals

    German oscommerce.de Forum down?

    Have you tried with a different browser? I don't know why but sometimes I cannot load pages on the current browser I am using and have to open it in another one. Or maybe there is a bug
  6. Why so aggressive with the farts I guess, you will try to sabotage every attempt of "customer control" they will come up with
  7. Yeah, I get it. But in some sectors of the marketing, they might be found helpful and more efficient. When it comes to the analytical aspect, for example, customer behavior. I've heard there was a machine used in some stores which detects your mood by your facial features, so by using that managers are able to make a "profile" of their customers and know what to offer to them, and what are they willing to buy in their current mood. But yeah, when it comes to creativity, I don't think they can outreach humans.
  8. True. However, I've heard it is possible to fake your reviews. Don't know how it is done, but it is awful how they try to control that as well..
  9. There is a lot of buzz around the topic of artificial intelligence and how it will take over our lives at some point. It is supposed to start with computers taking our job, which has already been done by some industries that need heavy weight lifting, organizing heavy boxes, etc. But do you think that it is possible machines to do some more responsible positions like HR, Finance or Even Marketing? I mean, for marketing you need creativity, you have to be able to differentiate from others, and so on. I am just interested to read your thoughts about that. Not that we can do much about that, as it is a developing process.
  10. It's kind of annoying though. Not always the products that are featured in the beginning are the best ones out there. Also, this makes it very challenging for new businesses to go to the level of the dominant ones.
  11. big_goals

    Please Review my Website

    I don't know what is the reason behind this but your site looks cheap... I wouldn't order from it, not that I am boujee, but it doesn't look trustworthy. Sorry about the tough comment
  12. Very true, however, these days more and more customers can come to your site and buy your things because your Google score is higher than other companies selling the same thing.
  13. Is Google Analytics the most accurate one out there?
  14. big_goals

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    I have a question. How secure is Paypal and is it the best source out there?