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  1. Tiffany_Waggoner

    UPSXML not returning quotes

    Thank you to everyone here. I've been following along, and that one small change has resolved my issue as well.
  2. Hi @milerwan, I'm wondering if you could help me with the installation of your Country State Selector module?

    I have it downloaded, but due to my lack of experience, I'm just unsure that I'm doing it correctly, and thought I'd come to the source for help first.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. milerwan



      What is your oscommerce version ?

      Have you got live website or are you working in localhost ?

    2. Tiffany_Waggoner


      Thanks for the reply. We are working on osCommerce 2.2-MS2 (I know very outdated, but our system is older, and I don't have a clear enough understanding of the system as a whole to attempt an update).

      The website is live.

      Our issue...The store is linked to a procurement system that requires Tax information to be passed. However, when the user enters a ship-to location with an abbreviated US state, the database address book creates the entry under "entry_state" instead of "entry_zone_id", which from what I can tell is what is tied to the tax zone functionality. So I'm hopeful by using this module will resolve this issue.

      Any guidance you have would be appreciated.

      Thank you!


    3. milerwan


      I don't see what you mean but you need the appropriate version for your v2.2 because front end is different https://apps.oscommerce.com/xRZzM&country-state-selector

      Do you have the module installed (even not functional at the moment)?Where can I see the result ?