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  1. igbarah

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    Hi, we have problems with the module Utmlemails and Paypal Express, our shop Oscommerce 2.3, sudently we get the emails and in the admin panel with bad characters like this: Iñaki Barahona Pasáje Riu Francoli We are crazy with this error, can someone help us, we are desperated?
  2. igbarah

    Paypal Express characters strangers

    Hi peterpil19m, we have made many modifications in Oscommerce 2.3 and we do not dare to update. They are just the strange characters of Paypal, I could pay up to € 100 if someone can help me.
  3. Hi, Im desperated with Paypal and their simbols I can give € 100 to someone for external advice to fix it. It took 2 months and there is no way to fix the strange characters and the clients complain. Paypal does not support us!.
  4. igbarah

    Paypal Express characters strangers

    Hi ChristopherFisher, can you send me the url of Os Commerce customer care section?, I'm desperated with paypal!!, paypal also don't send me answers to my codification error.
  5. igbarah

    Paypal Express characters strangers

    nobody knows how to solve it ?, I have sent two emails to Paypal without response.
  6. igbarah

    Paypal Express characters strangers

    Hi, we have Oscommerce 2.3 and Paypal Express, and all work fine, but sudently the name and adress of the order have characters strangers. In the customer section everything is shown well, in the Shipping address section is where the problem is. The other payment modules work well. I would appreciate any help, we have been with this issue for a long time and it is very annoying. Pedidos Cliente: iñaki Gomez labayru 10- 1º Donosti Direccion de envio: Iñaki Gomez Labayru nº10 1º Donosti