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  1. Yes, true, I found it and different parameters were set wrong there. After I changed to a formerly working version with new database paths its working again.
  2. Yes, I do that at moment and will switch to Phoenix, but Domainfactory closed MySQL3 and I was forced to change things. I solved the above problem in changing the configure.php under webseiten/catalog/admin/ to correct values. Now access to new database (MySQL5 format) in admin area is working. But there exists (I didn't do this!) an admin area under /webseiten/admin/ and if I use the administration panel all clicks were directed to /webseiten/admin/ instead of webseiten/catalog/admin/ Where is the place I change this?
  3. I am not an expert. Please explain a bit further!
  4. Hello! After change from MySQL 3 to MySQL 5 using Oscommerce contribution Error Message - 1054 - Unknown column 'p I have the following problem: The (original milestone 2.2!) who's online tool works but shows no items. The sql database entries are all up to date, entries are written into database. What to do?