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  1. Hi, I'd like to know if there is a contribution for osc 2.3.3 which allows me to add meta descriptions to categories, to improve their google ranking
  2. Ebay manager

  3. Ebay manager

    is this topic still alive?
  4. Ebay manager

    Any help would be greatly received
  5. Ebay manager

    Also how do I configure it properly and how to "upload" my store's products to ebay ? Is there any tutorial ?
  6. Ebay manager

    ebay_shippers' doesn't exist. I'm getting that message for example if I access ebay_list.php
  7. Ebay manager

    Hi, I installed it, but the database tables aren't generated automatically.
  8. tep_input_field count characters

    I'll check that out. Thanks
  9. tep_input_field count characters

    Hi guys, I'd like to know if there is a contribution which allows me to display a character counter beneath the product description or tep_input_field's in general. I've tried to achieve that using JQuery but it doesn't work. Does anyone have an idea on how I could do that ? Thanks in advance for any help : P
  10. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    This guy's confusion is even worse here than in the german forums... Could any mod or admin please block him, to prevent him from confusing a lot more people ?
  11. Contribution for AJAX image upload

    Hi, I'd like to know if somebody is able to tell me the name of this addon ? It was made for 2.2 but maybe it's portable to 2.3 See the attached screenshot
  12. Contribution for AJAX image upload

    I've attached the categories.php with the addon installed. I need to know the name categories.php
  13. Contribution for AJAX image upload

    Hi, yes it is a changed categories.php. Unfortunately there are no commented changes. Do you know a similar addon ?
  14. Contribution for AJAX image upload

    Any Ideas ?
  15. [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    Hey. Nice contribution. It's looking great and working awesome, but for me apparently the graphs on the dashboard seem to be not working
  16. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Okay that fixed it for me. But I have a further question. Does anybody know how to remove the .html and -p / -c from the url ?
  17. Ultimate SEO URLS5 character_conversion

    I did that already, but still not working
  18. Seo Description (Meta Description) for categories

    Are there any screenshots of that addon ? Thanks for your reply
  19. How is the DB Insertion being done ?

    Already figured it out. Thanks for your reply though
  20. Hi guys and girls, enthusiasts, I'd like to know how to insert data from a tep_input_field into the mysql database I'm currently using the AJAX Attribute Manager Addon and added another input field to it for EAN/GTIN input. How can I submit the entered ean to my database ? See the Code and attached screenshot below I've already added a column for ean and tried to add ean as input value. The Field is being shown, but inserting doesn't work. Thanks for any help in advance. Have a nice day. <?php echo tep_draw_input_field("ean_$optionValueId",$optionValueInfo['ean'],' style="margin:3px 0px 3px 0px;" id="ean_'.$optionValueId.'" size="7" onfocus="amF(this)" onblur="amB(this)" onChange="return amUpdate(\''.$optionId.'\',\''.$optionValueId.'\',\'ean\');"'); ?>
  21. Can I use oscommerce with Wix?

    No. Oscommerce is standalone
  22. Seo Description (Meta Description) for categories

    Is there any such contribution ?
  23. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    The file based character conversion also doesn't work... Not even with german language.
  24. How is the DB Insertion being done ?

    Does anyone have an Idea ? @burt maybe ?
  25. Google Shopping for Clothing INTEGRATION

    In germany and poland you need to use eans or gtins for Clothing as well. I need one ean for each size and color. How could I achieve that or is there any addon which might do that