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  1. Admin responsive sidebar with bootstrap

    Please add install Instructions for modified stores, instead of telling us to use a file compare utility. Anyways: Good job
  2. Google Shopping for Clothing INTEGRATION

    Hi, thanks. But I need to add Product Codes(GTIN) to products in order to upload them to Google Shopping
  3. Automatically resize Images once uploaded

    I don't only need to shrink their size, but also need to resize the image (width x height)
  4. Automatically resize Images once uploaded

    Hi, I'm my own host. I have multiple dedis. What's the correct name of the "covert" thing ?
  5. Hey guys and girls, I hope you're doing well. I'd like to know where in osc 2.3.3 handles the image uploads from the categories.php I've found a nice github repo for image resizing. I'm neither a newbie nor a noob at PHP, but I need to know where the image upload is being handled to be able to properly add the functions for image resizing. https://github.com/Nimrod007/PHP_image_resize That's the repo Any help is greatly appreciated
  6. Hi everyone, I hope your shops are running well. Sorry if this question might be considered rather "noobish". So to get to my question: I'd like to know on how to properly integrate Google Shopping for clothing. This means, I need to be able to add GTIN's to Products, as well as Size, Color attributes (Size, Color attributes: *Already possible but I don't know if it's going to be exported properly*) Also do I need, either a text field for the respective shopping categories or a select list with all categories from the Google Shopping taxonomy. My Store Version is 2.3.3 (And no, I don't want to upgrade to a later version) I'd like to know if an Addon exists, which will do that Job for me. Wasn't able to find anything useful yet Any help is greatly appreciated Good luck with Selling. Flo
  7. Addon for Tabs inside categories page

    Hi, first of all thanks for the replies. I know it's an old version indeed but the problem is that I bought and modified a theme for 2.3.3 which I obviously don't want to lose. Does a possibility of upgrading without modification-and data loss persist? thanks in advance
  8. Hi, I'd like to know if somebody knows an addon with which I can achieve something like in the attached Screenshot. Thanks for any help OSC Version is: 2.3.3 The screenshot is from version 2.2
  9. Add Product Attributes directly inside product osc 2.3.3

    Hell yeah. Thanks for the nice plug-in. It does exactly what I wanted to achieve. May I ask a second question? Do you know an addon which allows me to set the stock for each attribute? let's say the product has 2 Colors Red has 3 in Stock But blue only 1. I've already searched for it, but can't seem to find any suitable Any help is greatly appreciated
  10. Add Product Attributes directly inside product osc 2.3.3

    Hi, thanks for the fast reply. Your Link doesn't seem to be pointing to an addon. Please check
  11. Add Product Attributes directly inside product osc 2.3.3

    If you guys don't understand. I can try explaining it further
  12. Hi everyone, I'd like to know if there is a contribution which allows me to directly add product attributes in the "Add Product" page, instead of having to create the product attributes seperately. I hope you understand what I mean My Store Version is: 2.3.3 Thanks for any help,