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  1. Thanks Malcom. I'm thinking the wordpress site would be the initial landing location, and from there, if they enter the 'shop', then I would drop them into the OSC installation and the user could bounce back and forth between the two without really noticing a difference. At least that's the overall goal.
  2. I'm not even sure they will share information at this point. I think they would kind of function separately with the only exception being that they would share the same headers and footers and overall style. I'd like for them to run under the same domain vs. setting up a subdomain to host the OSC.
  3. Hi, I haven't used oscommerce yet, but I have a client request to integrate an existing oscommerce shop into a new wordpress installation. The wordpress site is basically the marketing customer-facing sales tool and oscommerce will be the ecommerce system. I've done some research and there doesn't seem to be a ton of good starting places to make this integration happen. The WP plugin repository has a OSC plugin that's 9 years old and I'm not sure it will do the trick regardless. My thought was that WP would be the root installation and OSC would reside in a subdirectory like . Does anyone have any experience with this kind of integration or tips/pointers? Thanks for any help or guidance, Jay