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  1. jwebadgility

    Changing Domain on OSCommerce site

    This is wonderful information. Thanks MrPhil.
  2. jwebadgility

    Changing Domain on OSCommerce site

    This brings up a good point. Thanks for the reminder. Currently my shop resides at www.myshop.com/catalog. In doing this change to a subdomain, is it possible to move the /catalog contents up to the root? This way when a user visits shop.myshop.com, they will be seeing the store immediately instead of me redirecting them into /catalog. Seems like it would be easy to do, but what I don't know if if any OSC settings need to change for this.
  3. jwebadgility

    Changing Domain on OSCommerce site

    I may have found the solution. Can anyone confirm that I only need to edit these two config files to the new shop.mystore.com domain? includes/configure.php; admin/includes/configure.php;
  4. Hi, I'm going to be changing the url for my store from http://www.mystore.com and instead use http://shop.mystore.com. I'm not sure what I need to change in the oscommerce admin or any config files to accomplish this. Does anyone have some guidance on how to do this? Thanks, Jay