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  1. battleaxe

    Where is the Google Guy

    Where is the support for this mod? Surely Google are going to be raking it in with this checkout. They should be able to afford to stick a tech onto this thread to answer the questions. Absolutely appalling behaviour expecting other coders to sort out what is after all a nice little earner for them. Are they keeping the solutions until the £10 off offer and 1 year free processing runs out? Sometimes we are right to be paranoid ;)
  2. battleaxe

    Royal Mail Module

    Can you share with the rest of us how you sorted it, it may help others....
  3. battleaxe

    Problem using BTS, get rid of double box

    sorry to bump this guys. I have still not solved it. I have checked categories.php, english.php and column_left.php.. is there anywhere else that this box could be called? Cheers Kim
  4. Hi Have been away a while, hope you are all ok.. I have a problem with a double Categories box in left hand column. I have searched the forum both here and on oscommerce but cannot find an answer. I have looked at both my categories.php and mainpage.tpl.php against the originals using Beyond Compare and cannot see a significant difference. The website is http://www.huskyz.com/catalog Also, a small niggle, I have an additional info inobox(on the same side, and the text in the header of that box is centre aligned. I have added text-align:left; in the stylesheet under TD.infoBoxHeading but it seems to have made no difference. Any help appreciated. cheers Kim
  5. battleaxe

    How to test Paypal from localhost

    Hi I have finally managed to set up a test site on my pc. Is there any way I can use it with either paypal sandbox (preferable) or to send test transactions direct? I have Paypal IPN 1.1 installed cheers Kim
  6. battleaxe

    [CONTRIBUTION] Nochex APC Payment Module

    Hi Leigh (again) I have your contribution mostly working ( and thank you for all your hard work). When I test via Nochex, the email comes as it should, and the apc is updated with the test. However, when a proper order comes in, although I get the email from Nochex, the APC transactions in admin is not updated. The folllowing are my settings: I do not have ssl and curl is off It is very frustrating, any ideas?
  7. battleaxe

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Hi Greg This mod installed very smoothly (apart from the alter table instructions in the sql file, but it would be hell if you were completely perfect!) I have scanned this part of the forum and notice folks are not getting their ipns. I am also suffering this. Is it because I am using the sandbox? If I go live will I get them? I installed your new v3, because I was no longer getting my ipns for some reason on the v2.3 which HAD been working perfectly. Is there any list of fixes that I can follow up for this lack of IPN's. I know that Paypal have been having problems, but i have tried again today and a couple of hours later still nothing. Have pm'd you with this as well cheers Kim
  8. battleaxe

    Country-State Selector

    Thanks Steve, you were absolutely right, (bashes forehead on desk) The problems were that :-because of BTS, some of the new code had to go in template files instead of the create_account.php... Those of us that have installed the BTS mod will need to change code in mainpage.tpl.php, create_account.tpl.php and create_account.php If anyone with the BTS contribution wants to install this, (for the create_account.php changes) if they pull up mainpage.tpl.php, create_account.tpl.php and create_account.php in Dreamweaver they can do it with a Find - Replace function, so long as they check on each file. I have to say again, this is a really great mod, thank you sincerely for your hard work and support. thanks loads Kim
  9. battleaxe

    Country-State Selector

    Hey Steve Thanks for the reply, I did as you advised. There is no html in my create_account.php because it should be dealt with by create_account.tpl.php fpr the bts contribution. I have created a head tag in create_account.php and included the above code. As a belt and braces kind of girl, I also included it in the create_account.tpl.php file. I know that php is very forgiving, but can javascript cope with being told to do the same thing twice? On view source, I now get javascript messages, but the darn page still isnt doing it's job, I cant see a refresh in the view source code for the 'country' 'state' elements of the page, but then I know less than my cat about javascript...just common sense. I can see we are getting close, this is driving me insane....would you have a look at my page source again? Really appreciate all the support you are providing with this mod. cheers Kim
  10. battleaxe

    Country-State Selector

    Ok me again, I feel like I am speaking to only me..I suppose the first sign of madness. I have made a clean install of your lurrrrverlllyyy mod and I now have it working. I installed the latest edition with all the extra stuff in the javascript file. However, i am still coming up with the same problem as described by others: When I change country, the page does ot refresh the state drop down box. For example, my default is united kingdom, and if I change it from that to (for instance) the USA, the zones in the 'state' dropdown box remain UK counties and not US states. I have 2 form_check.js.php files and I have changed added the new code to both of them. I use the latest firefox, but have tested in IE6 also and the problem is the same, no refresh of 'states' dropdown box. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Steve. Cheers kim
  11. battleaxe

    Country-State Selector

    OK, sorry to be such a gasbag, but I have worked out the problem. As I said, my shop is already heavily modded....I have the BTS mod working on it. When I inserted the new code in all the files, I left out the html as all the html is dealt with in the template files. Of course, I didnt update the template files with the necessary html files. Also, I seem to have run a zone sql twice, so each county was listed twice. I am sure this didnt help. I have scrubbed the lot and I am trying again tomorrow when everyone is out!
  12. battleaxe

    Country-State Selector

    Have tested since then..., after the first try at filling in the for, the page refreshes and the drop down box appears with the counties (hooray) but, when you enter the chosen county, the page refreshes and comes up with the error Error Please select a state from the States pull down menu. even though the state has been selected any ideas? cheers Kim
  13. battleaxe

    Country-State Selector

    Hi Steve Thanks for the rapid response, I still have all the files open that I have modified so that I can revert them to their previous state if something goes wrong so that is a real help. 222 was the code that was in the database for United Kingdom, so that is the one I used. I have checked the USA and the same thing happens, no drop down box. In fact I dont get a drop down box for aby of the countries (tested). All the counties are defined as zones for the uk country. I must have done something wrong.... Doesn't the country number (223) part of the mod just change the default country in the "country" drop down box? Anyway, be grateful for any further help. Kind regards Kim
  14. battleaxe

    Country-State Selector

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the lovely contribution. I installed it cut and paste as my store is heavily modded. I also ran the sql file for uk counties to add them to zones. Instead of changing my default country (UK) to 223 in the database, I changed you default file statement to 222 to match the uk. That is fine. My problem is that there is no drop down box in 'state'. It is a plain blank text box which (i suppose) should contain all the english counties. Someone has asked this question in this thread before, but i didnt see a reply. Any help? BTW the offending page is http://www.huskyz.com/catalog/create_account.php
  15. moved to proper place http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=88987